Moisture from basement

How to Remove Moisture from Basement

Basements can be quite beneficial if we talk about the fact that they provide some extra storage for us. You can store your extra stuff in the basement. Moreover, many people use the basement for the sole purpose of fun activities like playing games, parties, and stuff.

The basement is a great addition for living and storage. However, when it’s damp, the problem occurs just then. It can be a big problem for most people. Aside from the fact that moisture in basement causes a stinky smell, it can also produce mold and that is pretty disgusting and unhygienic.

Well, of course, you can waterproof the whole basement but it will take a big amount of money to do so. To your rescue, we are going to talk about some methods that you can use to remove moisture from your basement.

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We are going to talk about various ways and these methods will cost you various prices. For example. Removing with Dehumidifier cost. some money but waterproofing the whole basement will cost you a large amount of money.

Removing Moisture from DeHumidifier

With technology being normalized day by day, it can literally fix anything. Same is the case with Moisture. Dehumidifier’s sole purpose is to remove moisture and it can fix the moisture issue anywhere. You can find various Dehumidifiers online.

Removing Moisture from DeHumidifier

The power of Dehumidifiers is to pull literally gallons of air from the moisture source so the whole thing can easily be fixed. It is one of the best ways that you can use to reduce moisture from the basement. Here’s how it will work:

  • You have to purchase a premium Dehumidifier.
  • Pull Gallons of Air from the moisture source.
  • Release all the moisture in the basement’s drain.

There is also an automatic moisture removing feature that will prevent moisture from even coming. It can be used with other methods too. If the problem is with pipe, you can install insulated material all around the pipes and then use Dehumidifier to fix this problem from the root.

Wrapping Pipes

Many people think that cracks are the only source of moisture in their basements. However, we also have another bad guy here. The villain is pipe here. In many cases, there are leaks in the pipe that causes tiny droplets to come out of the pipe, resulting in the creation of moisture in the whole basement.

Wrapping Pipes

Thankfully, this issue has a fix too. As pipes can create a huge amount of condensation, we have to remove the condensation here. The same condensation runs into a wall and create molds that often destroys the good living experience. To avoid this, you have to cover all the pipes in insulated foam. This is probably the most inexpensive fix we have for today.

Wrapping pipes, along with the use of Dehumidifier is another great way to fix this problem as it will work with double accuracy in removing the moisture from your basement. This is an unbreakable duo.

Look out for the Dryers

Many people also use their basement for cleaning clothes and drying them with dryers. However, dryers can also cause bozos amount of moisture that will ultimately destroy the whole basement. That happens only if the dryer isn’t properly ventilated.

The moisture that comes out of the dryer would go into walls, ceilings, and floors. So if you run a dryer that is not properly vented will create a lot of problems for you and your basement resulting in mold and moisture everywhere. That is why it’s necessary for the basement to be properly vented to the outset so that all the moisture can be directed outside.

Waterproofing your Walls

If we talk about the professional and most expensive ways, then waterproofing the walls can fix this issue from the core. It is done by digging trenches around all the basement walls and then adding a certain waterproofing material that won’t be hurt no matter how much moisture is in your room.

But if the problem is just tiny, then there is no need to dig those trenches around the walls. You can ask any nearby paint store to install the waterproofing system. But this system comes with a cost and that is of course, money. However, it is the most effective way to remove the moisture from basement.

Fixing Settlement cracks

Cracks can always develop in any home as it is a normal thing. However, it there are cracks in walls or ceilings, moisture can make its way in. Moreover, rain water can also damage the things that are inside the basement.

If you have cracks in walls, there is no need to ask for professional help as there are easy fixes for that purpose. The easiest way is to fill the ceiling with cement and that is pretty much simple. You can do it yourself with little to no help.

Use of Rain Barrels

If you want to collect the water that comes out of the roof or pipes, you don’t essentially need to install the insulated material or waterproof the whole room. One of the easiest and working way is to just use rain barrels.It is a great way to put all the rainwater in it if you don’t want the water to ruin your basement. What’s most interesting things is that it will work without buying any additional equipment. Just cut the trashcan in a way that water can fall into it and make sure to use plastic trash can. You can use then waste that water from time to time or just pour them on plants


Basement is such a nice way of living or having fun. However, when leaks and stuff start to happen, that means it’s bad news. But as we’ve told you the various ways of how you can fix the core of problem or temporary avoid the whole thing, these methods can be used anywhere in the world to reduce moisture from the room and collect rainwater.

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