How to Clean Your House Basement?

Are you frightening to go to the basement for the rush of annoying household items? What do you think, is it a hassling task to remove all neglected household materials? Thinking about where & how to start? Then this content will help you to get an accurate direction. No need to worry about junk accumulation. Remember that, living in enough space will multiply your junk accordingly. To resolve this problem you need to follow the below steps one by one. 

Preparation before cleaning basement:

The basement is not common for all families. Cleaning this wide area & get rid of from that dummy smells is not so easy. First of all, you need to ready all the cleaning materials like a heavy vacuum,  pushing a broom, mop, bucket, rubber, microfiber cloth, detergent & so one you require to clean them. For extra durty place or surface, you can use ammonia with cleanser. For concrete block, need to use the nylon stiff brush. You should arrange the warm water which is helpful for deep cleaning. 


Methods of curing your dirty floor or basement:

First of all, one should free up a day for this task. This will take a long time to clean it properly.  Basically in a basement, there can be the plumbing drain, gas lines, water line, electrical wiring station, etc. This will be a big challenge to clean the basement with these obstructions. To get a smelly free basement, follow these actions. 

Fixed a place where to shift

For deep cleaning, you should take out all the items from your basement. Usually, we keep unnecessary things in our basement. Separate them according to the size, category & value. You can contact the junk hauling service. They will take all the utensils carefully. This service may be available from $297. The service cost may vary depending on your location & the weight of those items. 

Switch off all-electric & other connections

Before starting the cleanup task you need to turn off all the switchboard or the main plug point of electric connection.  Check the gas line, is it lock or not. Waterline leakage can make a greate massacre of your work. Some times we set our power supply pump, generator or washing machine in the basement. Move them carefully or cover them properly with proper coverage. 

Purge and Sort

Checking the items which need to empty out. Select them from the left corner to the right corner. There a question can come in your mind. Why should you follow the left to right sequence or the right to left? This is for the exact counting. Should not leave a single item for the next. Decide the items which have no using possibility.  

Empty Out a Section

Start taking all the household items out of that place or basement. Don’t think to keep some items for the next time. This will kill more time. Depending on your basement situation you need to take the stuff. Until the finishing task should not put them back. If you have any pets or children then you should take all the items out of that place. Separate them into four categories like donate, save,  sell, keep them or need to through into the dust. Mark them which have no current using purpose. Then remodify them & pick them into a package. 

Donate and Trash

We can donate unnecessary things like poor cloths, half damage utensils, books or other households to the nearest poor people. Who is suffering from a lack of wearable clothes? Your unnecessary things can make them happy. Also, they can contact a charity farm. Make ready a big trash bag to take it easy. This will save you time & space. Keep in mind that they are really worth donating to others.  

Freshen a smelly basement with bleach. 

After removing all the accessories you need to use cleaning liquids. With four parts of water have to mix one part bleach. Then take a stiff & brush to clean the surface. This is needed for any kind of molding spot or other crack spots. Wipe with water & let it dry with air. The sponge can help you to remove any scetch on the floor. Let them leave for 2 or 3 days with this cleaning procedure remove the musty combat smell. Charcol can also absorb odors. The mold environment can hamper our health. So to remove this problem we should make sufficient airflow. 

Control the humidity

Wide space has the possibility to face the humidity problem. Proper ventilation, airflow, windows & the water nonleaking system can control the humidity effect. This is more important to keep all the utensils properly. If it is not in control you cant stay there for a long time. That may be the cause of life risk. 

End step of a cleanout 

At the finishing step of the basement clean up you need to check the things which you often require. Then organize them serially & keep in mind that you can go through there flexibly. Make sure the position is easy to move anythings.  

Final word

After cleaning up the total basement here come te re furnished chapter for having a good look at your basement. Good looking basement has a good impact on basement weather. So to complete this challenging task apply the above steps to secure your storing household.  Then it will be the best addition to your house. Don’t forget that, it can also increase the value of your house while you will decide to move to another place. 

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