How to Choose Fireplace for Basement

Are you thinking of getting a fireplace in your basement? In the modern fireplace for basement has evolved to be a luxurious thing in most families. This is opposed to the past when man used fire for comfort and warmth.  This idea has not changed, but for our cases nowadays is that we have taken an enhanced fireplace artistically further. Wooden fueled fireplaces we initially used, but with technological advancements, it has been replaced by either ethanol or electricity. These various types of fires have become part and parcels in our homes, and it has incorporated in basements in our homes.  They have made the basement and life in the basement to have a sense of sophistication whenever one wants to relax.

fireplaces for the basement

Why Basements Require Fireplaces

For a long period, basements were considered to be a store for items that were seen to be unnecessary. There are others who considered it to be an extra room for living and accommodation areas for non-essential items within the house. As time goes, the perception has now changed, and many have begun to furnish it and have become part of the house. In order to make the basement more attractive fireplaces are used as one of the favorite features in the house.

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Fireplaces are also used because they provide warmth to the house more, especially during the winter period. If you are living in your apartment and it’s in the wintertime, your room might be too cold, and therefore the use of fireplaces in the basement can help in keeping the house warm.

It offers an inviting décor. Most people do like having a basement fireplace in their homes because it provides an inviting décor within the whole house.

It acts as a comfortable zone for discussion. Some people do need their basements to look neat, and hence they can be used as a discussion or an avenue where they can discuss family or business issues. It makes their basement look stylish more, especially if they have installed screens in there.

How to choose the best fireplaces for the basement?

Choosing the best fireplaces for your room is not such easy as you may think. Most people do prefer moving to those houses hos basements have already installed fireplaces in their basement. However, if you are in need of the best fireplace for your basement, there are some factors that you need to put in mind

First is to consider the size of your basement that is available for the fireplace. It’s good to ensure that you have measured the area and you are sure of the exact measurements. This will be important to you because you will know what type of fireplace you will go for.

The other important consideration is the exact location for the fireplace within your basement. Where do you want your fireplace to be? Is it in the middle or at the corner? This might be tricky, but if you need the help of a contractor or an architect, it will be good. They can give you the best place or suggest the best place in your basement and ensure that the fireplace is much more successful.

fireplaces for the basement

There are various types of fireplaces, and you need to be specific on what type you want. Gel fuel and electric fireplaces are the most common among many people. Electric fireplaces are powered by electricity, and they are ideal for smaller rooms. To add on that, it has no substance that can make your room dirty, does not produce any flame, and it is considered the safest fireplace option for basement by many users. The electric fireplaces do not have toxic or any hazardous effects on users.  On the other hand, gas fireplaces are also gorgeous in their design once used in the basement. They are too clean, like electricity. Gel fireplaces are another type that is generated by fuel canisters, and they can be used in large basement rooms. It has a wonderful crackle flame that most people like. As the basement owner, you need to decide on which type of fireplace you will use.

Consider the function that you want your basement fireplace to perform. Although most people use fireplaces in beautifying their basement, they can also use it for other functions like keeping the room warm more, especially in the winter season. Due to this, you need to be careful of those fireplaces that are highly flammable and keep your items off from the basement. With the main intended function in your mind, its good also to add beauty and personality for your basement fireplace.

The installation method of the fireplace is another important aspect you need to look at. Various fireplaces have different installation costs; for instance, wooden is the most expensive because it requires a chimney to be installed in order to ventilate smoke. Electric fireplaces, on the other hand, is cheap because it is portable and does not require any much installation apart from clearing the basement are where it will safely be operated. All these different fireplaces will be ideal for you, depending on your main purpose you want your fireplace to do.

The design of the fireplace. There are several colors and designs available for fireplaces. The design and color that you choose will always depend on the décor you need in your home and basement. You can decide to choose a fireplace that will totally blend your room or that changes the stylish of your basement. It will be good if you can seek for ideas from local experts to guide you on what design and color you can buy, professional ideas are always good.

It is also good to consider the fireplace screens and fireplace tools in your basement. This is important because of fireplace safety measures. They need to be kept well away from getting closer to the fireplace. Children and pets also should fall under this category because the type of fire you install might affect them if they are not well taken care of from the fireplace. They should always be kept far away from the fireplaces for their safety.

By putting into consideration the above factors, I am sure you will be able to choose the best fireplaces for your basement, and it will be not only attractive but also look appealing and more inviting.


  1. Can the fireplace be allowed in the basement?

Yes, it can be, but before using it, work on your placement to ensure that the materials found within are not affected by the fireplace.

  1. Do fireplaces use much energy?

Current fireplaces are made in a way that they seal and make use of the energy in a more and efficient way. Traditional fireplaces were prone to wastage of energy of up to 15%, but the modern one maximizes its energy.

  1. What type of fireplace should I buy for my basement? Electric, wood, or gas?

All different fireplaces are good, but your choice will depend on your specifications.  In addition to that, you need to look at the installation cost and other factors, as we have seen.

  1. Are fireplaces safe, or they emit harmful substances?

Modern fireplaces are safe and do not emit harmful substances, but with wood, fireplaces do produce some harmful substances that can affect pets and humans.

  1. Is it possible to install a fireplace if I do not have a chimney?

Yes, it is, you need to consult an expert or contractor to install for you. But also you need to understand which type is ideal for your basement.


Fireplaces are very important to the basement. Most people do install fireplaces in their basement in order to make it attractive or look sophisticated. The other benefits of fireplaces cannot be disregarded too.  They can help in warmth provision during the cold season. With that in mind, if you need a fireplace for your basement, it’s good to look at the available options and decide which one is the best for you. The best option should be guided by the factors we have seen that you need to look at.

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