How To Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works

Oh no! Does it overflow? That is really embarrassing and frustrating. First of all, stay calm. I know what’s going through you. Yes, I was in the same position. So I can guess it very well. To handle this business take a deep breath and do not participate in any panic activities. You just need to avoid the unsanitary mess of your toilet. 

When the water of your toilet is overflowed and the flash is not working at all, it means the line of your toilet is clogged up. You may find several DIY methods on different blogs. But they may not work well. Don’t be frustrated. Here we have enlisted all the best possible tricks and tips for unclogging the toilet when nothing works. 


How to unclog a toilet 

The reason for your toilet clog is uncertain. But you need to apply these all special tricks until the situation is under your control. Sometimes it can be a hard task and sometimes it can be the easiest task. Keep patients and apply the below tricks.


  • Using Plunger

The plunger is a great tool to unclog your toilet. As a homeowner, you should learn about this type of tool. When you are especially using a small space toilet or to save space you have set the compact toilet at the corner of your washroom. According to your budget, you can buy this tool with one flange or a heavy-duty plunger. 

Let’s learn about how to use a plunger to unclog a toilet. Before starting this job wear rubber gloves on your hands. Or the toilet water will touch your hands. Hold the upper handle part of the plunger and insert the rubber portion into your toilet bowl. When the rubber part is inserted into the bowl, now see, it looks like a perfect vacuum cleaner. Slowly push it to the clog. Add more pressure to go forward. 

Plunge the plunger several times to make it airtight. Once you feel totally airtight, pull it out first. This pressure will help the clog to loosen and all the pressure will force it to go to the drain line. The way to give force is also tricky. So you should apply this several times. If it’s not working then you should go to the next tip.


  • Apply the combination of vinegar & baking soda

As the previous is not working, apply this remedy. Take a bowl to mix baking soda with vinegar. In some cases, it works amazing. These are the kitchen substances. So better you should go to the kitchen and create the mixture. If those are not available to you, visit the nearest master shop or the local shop. Here you should follow a definite ratio of making this mixture. 

1 cup of soda with 2 cups of water, the ratio is 1:2. Mix it properly and pour the mixture into the toilet bowl. Now the turn is for vinegar. Pour two cups of it into it. And wait for a minute. Notice the bubbles came out from the toilet bowl. This combination will help the clog to loosen and go to the drain line. Water helps to move them freely. So there is the possibility to unclog the toilet within a moment. If not, then apply the next one.


  • Apply the plumbing snake

The maximum homeowner has this tool at their house. It is a flexible wire called a closet auger. This is the common tool to clean the drain line or to clean the toilet. With this flexible wire, you can easily reach the deep lower portion of the toilet. Due to the rubber porcelain, it will never damage the underside of the toilet. Push it into the liquid of the toilet. 

Make sure you have gloves to protect your hands from that wastewater and dirty things. Put the upper end at the outside of the toilet bowl and push the other end till you feet the resistance of the log.  You can follow the clockwise pressing inside it. Till the snake feels the obstacle, you can push it. Once you feel that obstacle is in front of the end portion of the plumbing snake, try to move it freely. If you are able to make it free then the water of the bowel will go down soon with the clog.


  • Hot water & dishwashing soap

Water pressure is good enough to move any type of medium clog. When it will be warm and with the combination of the dishwasher or the dishwashing soap, the therapy will be more flexible. Turn on the stove to make a gallon of hot water. No need to be too hot. Just warm the water and let it cool. If the temperature of the water is tolerable on your skin add some pieces of dishwasher soap. 

For better performance, you can add some small pieces of soap. First, pour the pieces of dish soap and slowly pour the warm water on the toilet bowl. This process will help the clog to be slippery. You should not turn on the flash instantly. Wait a minute then flash it. Several times this combination helps to remove the toilet clog. If this time you also fail to unclog the toilet then try the next one.


  • Use a dry/wet cleaner to suck out the clog

Among all of these methods, this is really very irritating to do. The way is to suck the clog to remove it from the panel. But if you compare the trick with the other then it will be more effective. Now the question is how to suck the clog? Don’t think any odd thing. You just need a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. If you have one then you can use it. If not, then you need to purchase a good and strong one. 

The reason to apply this method is to remove all responsible things from the overflowed toilet. Don’t forget to use rubber gloves to avoid dirty water. The vacuum cleaner will pull out all the debris faster. Look, the bowl of the toilet is empty now. So place the vacuum hose to push effectively. It should be placed under a few inches of the toilet hole. Then the suction will be more effective. 

Take a piece of old unused towel to hold the hose and cover it properly. This way you can give the full pressure into the clog. Push tightly and suck again. After completing the suck through the vacuum cleaner, it’s time to flush the toilet. Before that observe the condition. After flashing, if the drainage water goes down faster then the clog is gone. If it goes down slowly, then the clog is still there.


  • Wire hanger

Take a straight wire-coated hanger to lose the clog. Do not place it first. As it is a straight strong wire, the end portion can create some scratches on the porcelain or the place. Take some pieces of old useless cloth to tie them with that end portion. Then wrap with duct tape. Or the clothes can untie in the middle way of the toilet and will add extra hassle. So maintain it properly. 

To place the cover point of the drain line you need to wear the gloves and push them down. The best possibility of the clog is the end line of the drainage. Make Sure that the wire can reach the clog and is strong enough to move the clog. Create a twist while pushing the wire hanger. This wire maneuver is able to clear the maximum clogging of the drainage. While finding any resistance, push it again and again. When you feel a free path, turn on the flash. Is it done? If not yet then you can also use the snake plumber again.


  • Apply Enzyme type products

This is a different quality waste product. This will never harm your pipeline but it can remove any type of waste materials. You can easily get this product from any grocery shop or in a plumbers shop. The plumbers use this product to disintegrate the waste type products. The product is not harmful to your health also. If it is the type of organic waste then the product will definitely remove it. If the clog is a solid type material or any type of toy, then they will never help you.


  • Chemical of drain cleaner

After applying all those above tricks, if it’s not solved you should use drain cleaning chemicals as a last treatment. These chemicals contain different types of harmful toxic substances. So it’s harmful to the human, pets or the plastic also. But as the last option, you can apply this method. It will help to dissolve any types of clogs like solid materials. Toxic substances will damage the clog and help to unclog the toilet in this way. Never allow the product too much damage to your toilet. It can be the source of an accident.


  • Using a Saran Wrap

When the plunger is not available or not working well then you can use this saran wrap. Make sure first that it is water-tight. Now cover up the whole bowl with it. Turn on the flash to make more water pressure between the seal and the clog. You have to apply your plums to create force into it. That will help the clog to be sucked into the drain line. Try multiple times to get a possible result.


  • Call up an expert plumber

It’s very rare that you have tried all the methods but not a single one has come out successfully. Due to all the supported tools, we can’t complete many steps. A professional plumber can also help you in that case. The main thing is, they have all types of tools to solve these kinds of issues. Without enough tools, you should not hand in this type of project. That can create a great mess. To call up an expert plumber will be the ideal decision for you.

Wrap Up

However, removing the clogs not only depends on the tricks but also the flushing system of the toilet. If the flash does not work properly, it will never be able to unclog your toilet.  Sometimes the drainage line can be also responsible for the overflow of the toilet water. Luckily after applying two or three tricks the clog can be removed. Then the total system can come back into the normal systematic way. 

When you are the homeowner of your house, you should also have some above tools to solve these types of problems. If you don’t have enough tools to unclog your toilet, you can contact the home accessories, home improvements, kitchen appliances stores. They can help you by supplying these types of tools. Finally, when you call the plumber, make sure he is an expert to unclog the toilet when nothing works. 

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