Top 3 Vremi Dehumidifier Review 

Our house or the commercial places are connected with so many important activities. To make them all perfectly you need to feel comfortable. With a high humidity problem, you will never feel good to go. Not only that, moisture will help to grow the mold and other harmful facts. Those are not only harmful to our body but also harmful for the storage of furniture and other objects.

Having a good quality dehumidifier at home is very important to lead a healthy and comfortable life. First of all, you need to identify the requirements. Why do you need this dehumidifier? What are the exact room size and the features you need with a dehumidifier? Office room or living room or for the basement, Vremi Dehumidifier is the best. It will offer you all the high configuration features to complete the job smoothly.

Why Vremi dehumidifier is best –

Vremi is a well-named brand and popular for its manufacturing quality. For their high-quality customer support, they have earned a vast reputation. Many customers can recommend you to buy this dehumidifier only for the quality service. If you find any defect in this product, you can exchange the product for a 1-year warranty. 

If you have decided to buy a dehumidifier for you then we would like to recommend you to purchase the one from the series of Vremi Dehumidifier. Office or home, all are well fitted for Vremi Dehumidifier. Like some other quality branded products Vremi has the accuracy of hygrometers to test the dehumidifier. It can read the room or the space humidity accurately more than the other brands. 

The manufacturer has built this dehumidifier with daily moisture removing capacity. While the other products have a daily limit to cover the moisture and to remove the humidity. Vremi will clean up to 70 pints according to the 2012DOE standard capacity. Automatically will adjust the moisture setting to an ideal level. The product can provide you 24 hours non-stop cycling service. Once the tank is full with the drips, it will automatically shut down. 

You should thank Vremi for its extremely quiet functionalities and the auto turn on/off feature. Then comes the moisture coverage capacity. With Vremi Dehumidifier you can cover up 1500 sq ft to 4500 sq ft this content, you will get the Top 3 Vremi Dehumidifier Review. All have individual features to buy. When you are going to buy a dehumidifier, you have a lot of things to compare and consider. First of all the coverage area then the performance, tank size, power button, and others. All of these facts will define the actual amount of pulling out water from the moisture of the room.

Top 3 Vremi Dehumidifier Review

Your home is the unique place to lead a happy, comfortable and healthy life. If the moisture becomes out of your control then it becomes uninhabitable. Here we have gathered the topmost Vremi Dehumidifiers Review. These reviews will help you to select the best one for you. 

Vremi_1 Pint_Compact Portable


Product Description:

Check out the market review before buying a product is the customers’ first job. If you do the same for Vremi 1 Pint compact, you will get a huge customer review. Because of the popularity and the features of it. White color Vremi has the capacity of 1.1 pounds with the dimension of 7” x 4.9” x 11”.  The total weight is 4 pounds with continuous operating mode. The floor coverage area is 150 sq ft. 

This dehumidifier is only for the small family or for the small space. The capacity of the removable tank is 0.4 gallons. Vremi 1 pint can collect the moisture of 480 ml to solve your daily life humidity problems. A dehumidifier also helps you to breathe easily. A small space like a washroom, kitchen, bathroom, or office room is the best match for Vremi 1 pint. 

Easy portable and energy-efficient. Thermoelectric Peltier features create low-class noise. Manufacturers certified that the product will use 36 watts and prevent overheating issues. The rotating wheels help you to move the machine from one place to the other place. When the humidity level reaches your desired humidity level, the machine will shut down automatically. Also has the LED indicating light. Which will give you the sign of whether the water tank is full or not. 

If you are living in a place, the temperature is often cooler or dryer but still you are facing moisture issues. You can also use a Vremi dehumidifier to relieve this atmosphere problem. What are you thinking about? Need larger space coverage? No worries! Buy the full size 70 or 30 pints dehumidifier. 


  • Water sense, FDA and RTL certified
  • LED light indicator for water tank
  • Auto turn on/off
  • Compact design with lightweight feature
  • Nine-ounce humidity modify capacity
  • Perfect for any room size coverage 150 sq ft
  • No manual controlling hassle


  • Not enough power controlling

Vremi 35 Pint_3,000


Product Description:

Vremi the Maniac moisture dehumidifier is able to tackle your daily moisture modification. Up to 35 pints removing capacity with standard DOE 2012 mode. It will allow you to remove the moisture from the small room to 3000 sq ft coverage. You can easily select this ideal size dehumidifier when you have a large area basement, office area, or living area. 

You must say that the designers have a good sense of modern design. The style will allow you to match with any furniture set or other modern decoration. Net and clean convenient look with amazing built-in wheels. Those are very helpful to move the machine to your desired room. Which can be a hard task for wheel-less dehumidifiers. The air adjustment fan will work quietly without disturbing mode. No noise pollution to disturb your job or deep sleep.

Thinking about the controlling or the operating system of this device? No, you don’t need to be tensed about that. To use any electronic device, first, we think about our oldest or the youngest members in our house. How comfortable will they be? This is not something like the sailor to maintain a sheep. The design reflects a very easy and simple controlling with auto atmosphere adjustment capacity. So you just need to set up the device for the first time then turn on all the features. Within a few moments, the machine will give you the highly comfortable atmosphere of your room or house.

If you think the speed of moisture removal is not enough for you, then you can speed up the fan with multiple speed-up steps. This indoor dehumidifier is well to do with indoor dehumidifier controlling or removing humidity instantly. Per day the water tank can reserve 1.6-gallon water. Enjoy your healthy air condition and lead a comfortable life.  


  • 3000 square feet floor coverage area
  • Up to 35 pints removable from the air
  • Modern stylish design
  • No noise pollution
  • Pick up handle and wheels to move easily
  • Automatic shut off
  • Drain hose attachable
  • Portable dehumidifier with speed up fan
  • Dryer air or cool air both are adjustable by this dehumidifier
  • Large family size dehumidifier
  • Removable water tank with 1.6 gallons capacity
  • 12-month warranty


  • Not totally noiseless

Vremi 50 Pint 4,500 Sq. Ft.


Product Description:

Maximum old townhouses face humidity problems. Especially the basement floor or the storehouse or some specific places. Where the natural light is not enough to supply the right condition of the air. This dehumidifier is especially for your large basement and also energy-star rated. The price range is nearly $200 and it can cover a 4,500 square feet area. White color design with 16.6”x11”x24.3” dimension. Continue operating system with moisture maniac feature. 

Vremi 50 is able to remove  70 DOE ratings with an ideal moisture adjustment feature. The manufacturer designed this machine with a lightweight feature with a built-in wheel to move it here and there easily. Also has a handle to carry the dehumidifier smoothly. As a large area coverage, you may want more moisture-removing speed. The smooth noiseless fan will help you to boost up the moisture-removing speed. 

One-time setup will give you 24 hours service without manual control. If you want you can control the speed or the moisture level manually also. For better performance, you can also turn on the Turbo mode. One thing you have to remember that the model is not included with any hose drainage. The effectiveness of the humidity-removing performance will give you a healthy comfortable air condition. 

The working process is to emit the heat of air to remove the odor feeling inside of the coverage area. The water tank is capable of holding 1.8 gallons of water. So per day, you can remove nearly 50 pints of moisture from the air which is a key feature of this product. If you are not in the home or forget to turn off the machine after reaching your desired level, it will automatically shut off. This auto mood will help you to save energy and will help you to enjoy long-time service. 


  • 1.8-gallon water tank capacity
  • Maniac moisture removing formula
  • Sleek white color modern design
  • Auto moisture adjustment
  • 24 hours auto cycle
  • Wheels and a handle added for free movement
  • Nearly 4500 sq ft floor area coverage
  • Continue operating method
  • Auto shut off
  • Turbo mode to remove moisture


  • Drain hose not included

Wrap Up

Vremi is not only a product but also a popular brand with a lot of customer reviews. After checking out all the above information you may learn all the details about these three lovely models of Vremi. What are you thinking about? Which one is the right model for you?  To make sure that you need to follow our buying guide of dehumidifiers. We have covered all the topics you need to know before buying a Vremi product. 

When you are going to choose a Vremi product you should have to check out some primary features. The power of the dehumidifier or the coverage area of it. 1500 to 4500 sq ft coverage capacity dehumidifier will be the best option for your home or basement or office. Due to the standard coverage area facility most of the customers pick Vremi as their favorite brand. 

Apart from that, average performance, water tank capacity, drain hose feature, product dimension, and weight, warranty facility, and other extra features. Compare all those facts before buying your dehumidifier. Here we have discussed the Top 3 Vremi Dehumidifier Review to enjoy a healthy and comfortable house environment. For any query, you can contact us directly. Visit our other pages to know about more dehumidifier reviews. 

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