How to Choose lights for Your Basement

When we talk about lighting, it’s one of the biggest factors in giving your house the look it exerts. Lighting can change the whole look and feel of the house. Hence, it’s an important thing to look for when we are trying to choose to light for our houses.

More specifically, we are going to talk about how you should choose lights for basements and some methods that will incorporate the advanced basement lighting ideas. How to choose lights for basements, Best basement lighting ideas for your own basement. But first of all, let’s talk about how to choose lights for basements.

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How to Choose Light for Basement?

If you want to choose the basement for your living, then lighting is the most prominent thing that you would always notice while living there. When we talk about lighting, there are a lot of steps that you need to look forward to.

lights for Basement

However, once you’re aware of these steps, you will be able to set a theme for your basement that will change the whole aesthetics of your basement.

1.  Maximizing Lights

Natural light is really important for living. If your basement has some window or something through which light comes in, you should never cover it up. Instead, you can install the curtains to make it look even more interesting.

2.  Color of Furniture

To match the whole aesthetics, the furniture color should be in a light color. These light colors will set up a more soothing and bright color scheme that will definitely look more pleasing to the eyes.

3.  Use of lamps

Use of lamps and other accent lightings is also important. That is because, if the lamps are not used, the whole basement would look a little confusing and artificial to eyes. That is why, use of lamps will put up more of a sound and pleasing-looking natural scene.

Best Basement Lighting Idea

If we talk about basements generally, they are known to be dry and cold in terms of looks. That is where lighting comes in. With proper lighting and good accents, you can make it look true to life with overall pleasing aesthetics.

1. Track Lighting

One of the easiest to install and great lights is track lighting. The flexibility that these lights provide is just endless. And what’s more crazy is that these lights can be easily added in to literally any type of room.

Track Lighting

This technique allows you to make your basement look a lot more true to life and alive. These lights provide a soft glow all over the place, making your basement looks versatile and elegant. Track lighting provides a great look if you want to showcase something in your basement. Let’s say that you want to showcase your favorite type of furniture of art.

Basically, to make it more highlighted than other things in the basement, track lighting can be used. Moreover, if there’s a function or party in your basement, these lights can easily be rearranged to match the party aesthetics.

2. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lightings aren’t really a good choice if you want to light your whole basement. However, they can easily match the aesthetic if you want to showcase a piece of furniture or just generally make your basement look to be royal.

Pendant Lighting

If you are living in a basement, pendant lighting can be a pretty sound option to go with. If there’s a wet bar or pool table in your basement, then pendant lighting can be quite a good option for your basement.

Here’s the fun part, pendant lighting can be a vital option but if you add other lights with this one, then it will be a whole other level of look. Just imagine a glow and ambient light coming down with other lights acting as a guard. Hence, pendant lightings are another option that you should look forward to.

The craze isn’t finished yet though. If you add these lights, it will add warmth and comfort in your basement. It won’t be a damp and cold basement anymore.

3. Recessed Lighting

Probably the most normal type of lighting we have on our list is the Recessed lighting. These lights can easily become someone’s favorite due to the simplicity and working of them. Recessed lighting is installed directly in the ceiling and they provide a lovely look, to be honest.

Recessed lighting

These lights help you in illuminating the whole basement without having any section of the basement being non-illuminated. That is the beauty of recessed lighting. Whether you are trying to add other lights, these lights will definitely go with either one. This is how you can illuminate the basement to the fullest.

You should probably buy the bulb that will match the whole look of your basement. And BAM! Just like that, you have successfully installed the best lighting system in your basement.

4. Mixed Lights

Mixed lights are probably the best idea to go with lighting. Many rooms would probably look great with all types of lighting in them. This is because most basements are pretty much with little to no light. Installing lights is actually important for dark basements. All other lights that we’ve already talked about can be used in mixed lights.

For example, if you want to illuminate the furniture, you can go with recessed lighting. Moreover, if you want to highlight a specific thing in your room then pendant lighting will definitely do the job just right for you.

The chandeliers can also provide a pretty modern look that will illuminate the whole basement without much of a hassle that you would have to go through. These styles can basically go with any type of basement you have. So if you want to install mixed lights, it can be quite a soothing addition in the basement.


Talking about lighting overall, it really depends upon the type of theme you want to set up in the basement. As everything is mentioned up ahead, you must have a rough idea of what your basement should be looking like.

Just follow our guide and you’re good to go. If you need any help, we are here to answer your questions.

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