Top 3 Basement Ceiling Ideas – Exclusive, Cheap & DIY Basement Ceiling

From the previous history, we can see that the ancient homeowners use the basement to store their expired things or extra utensils. Very often they visited the basement. It was only the storehouse for plumbing lines, wirehouse, or others. So the thought of the basement ceiling was not a major issue. 

With the passes of time, the modern generation finds more activity purposes to use this extra space. Due to the large basement area, you can use this space as a living room, party room, children’s rooms, or others. The major dilemma of using the basement is its beams, wires, or plumbing lines. These do not make the cleaning process difficult but also give a dirty look.

Basement ceiling ideas

Remodeling the basement ceiling will also depend on your budget. No worries. Here you will get the total solution for the basement ceiling. When you are going to use the basement as a guest room, party room, basement bar, or children’s corner, you should apply expensive ceiling materials. 

Don’t you have enough budget to renovate the basement ceiling? Chill, we have gathered multiple cheap ceiling materials ideas. You can also apply the DIY ceiling ideas when you have enough time to do it. 

Cheap Basement ceiling ideas

Want to renovate your base ceiling? Searching for the right materials to reduce the budget? Otherwise, we also like to make the basement a complete modern outlook. Our cheap basement ceiling ideas will overtake this challenge. Every idea will give a different lovely outlook. When you don’t have enough time to think about it but also want to enjoy the modern basement ceiling, you are in the right place.

  • Drywall

Do you have a wide area basement space & like to make it an attractive living room or guest room with a low budget? Paint the ceiling with your most favorite color. Use the primer coating to have a nice finishing. It will give you the ultimate modern look with surface finishing & decorative lighting. 

This look is also perfect for any household activity. Cut & repairing is very easy & less costly. Though the drywall has some downside. If your basement has a damp issue, low moisture can damage your ceiling after a period of time. 

  • Beam & Pipe painted Exposed

This feature or design is highly popular in some coffee shops or modern bars. This type of ceiling will give you a different look with a low budget. You just need to paint over those beams & pipes to get a nice contrast like polishing the surface. 

You can paint the downside of the ceiling placed with plastic pipes or largest beams. But in some cases, painting the wires can be more difficult. So you can cover them with a thin pipe or boxes to paint over it. You can come to the maximum ceiling fault by this way. 

Ceiling Materials Comparison

Material Height  Budget (200 sq. ft.) Notes
Beadboard Low $500-1,800 Efficient to use & to save money
Corrugated Metal Low $1,000-3,200 Brightess through light reflection
Drop Ceiling High $400-1,700 Excellent performance to work like a home theaters
Drywall Low $300-800 Easily customizable
Painted None $50-$150 Poor choice & not able to cover wiring fully 
PVC Tile Low-Mid $300-$2,000+ Can make mimic like other materials
Stretch Ceiling Varies $1,000-1,900 Can use for the flat surface or molded into other shapes
Tin Tile Low-Mid $900-2,800 Mirrored shelving to have a perfect basement bar view
Wood Paneling Low (varies greatly) Allow to customize with different design or painting
Wood Plank Low $750-2,200 The appearance have few similarity with beadboard
  • Beadboard

When you are searching for a classical look ceiling you can choose this cheap Beadboard materials ceiling. You can follow the trend of creating a modern design with vintage art. This prominent product will improve your store’s outlook. White is a contemporary color to focus any view. 

The ceiling will give you a theme like the Victorian age. It will also give you a warm feeling at home. So when you are facing moisture issues, you can apply the Beadboard ceiling to warm up the basement

  • Wood Paneling

The appearance of Wood Paneling is like the beadboard or a wooden ceiling with a classical look. With this wooden board, you can customize the width range as you want. So the fitting will be individual depending on your customization. It will also allow you to curve the panel or other surfaces. 

Another advantage of using the panel is, you can attach the parts directly to the ceiling spaces. According to the support beams, you can customize the cost or can control the overall cost. To make a unique design you can apply the beams with your own creativity. 

  • Stretch Ceiling

With the help of two basic components, you can apply this ceiling to the basement. The membrane of lightweight fabric & perimeter track. You can also apply the system to cover up the basement wall also. With these ceiling materials, you can create your own design to diffuse lightning, floating, or creative shapes. 

When you like to focus on the lightning option & different unique shapes, the ceiling process will offer you to explore your creativity. If the basement area is covered with traditional light & painting colors & you want to reflect the overall, Stretch Ceiling for you. 

  • Tin Tiles

It’s a new idea to work intricately. With a minimum height range, you can add the insulation system. The total cost will depend on the set of individual tiles. Though the option is comparatively higher than other cheap ceiling materials. In the marketplace, you will get three types of Tin Tiles. The snap-together feature will give you a seamless appearance & will cover up the whole surface.  Coated with powder, uncoated & artesian finishing are available in Tin Tiles. 

  • Corrugated Metal

If you visited a farm you may see the metal roof. This meta roof is unexpectedly very popular & you can use it as alternative ceiling materials. Here you can apply a trick to save your money. You can buy the oldest metal tiles to have a rustic look. 

Which will give you a different look. Then you can recycle the metal. While you are conscious about the ultra-modern feel, you can buy all new corrugated metal. The new metal with a burnishing look is able to reflect the lighting. When your basement is the storehouse of antics tools, a metal roof will help you to get a lovely appearance. 

  • Wood Planks

Somehow you can get the similarity with the beadboard ceiling. The visual appearance of the wood paneling can be the same when you will follow the same approach. By using the metal runners wood planks need to attach to the ceiling. To get the exact position you can place all the wooden panels & use glue to create a perfect shape. 

The way of planking the woods will make your ceiling lightweight. The bonus point is it will be cheaper than the beadboard. You have the chance to make your DIY project more special. Polish over the planks will appear like a sports cave. 

  • PVC Tiles

Don’t get shocked after hearing the fact of PVC. With the durable material vinyl, the Tiles are made of. It can easily mimic the other materials also like Tin, Copper to the particleboard. The advantages of these PVC tiles are, water-resistant feature, water mildew, and extremely durable than other ceiling materials. 

Even it can interlock the garage floors if you complete the floor with these materials. When you like to use an extremely durable ceiling material with a medium budget, you can select the PVC tiles. If you want you can use the direct plywood or drywall attach board or tiles. 

Exclusive Basement ceiling ideas

Large area grounds always create extra opportunities to make it more attractive. The basement is the largest space in a house because it is the summation of your total building space. Don’t spoil it by storing used materials or tools. Modern people like to spend time in soundless areas to feel themselves for a while. 

If it can be the basement area, then why should you need to find others. Just following some tricks you can give the basement the most attractive look you want. It can be the best place for a time pass. 

  • Art Deco Tiles

If you have enough budget to make your basement ceiling more attractive or to give an exclusive, it is just a fact of time to apply creative ideas. Love to have an old royal world feel? Manage some art deco tiles to make it more stylish & rich. 

Find the best deco design tiles & sticks in the ceiling. Transfer the basement into a royal castle. It will be a pricier option but definitely, the tiles are worth it. No doubt the basement will give you the old vintage feeling.

  • Cloudy sky

If you like to feel nature & love to get a natural view, then you can apply the trick. You can transfer the idea of your basement ceiling into a sky view. Your basement ceiling can be your open sky by replacing the ceiling with sky view paper or wallpapers. To get this magical spot you need to apply the idea creatively. 

Follow the light reflection to control the full view of the sky. The most interesting part of this basement ceiling is, your basement sky will never turn into a stormy sky. Of course, you can feel that starry night every day, if you like to pick the ceiling sky view permanently. 

  • Wood frame white/black panels

The wood frame is the old or past ceiling design. To make a great black & white frame combination ceiling this design is the best. When you have a large area ceiling & want to cover up fastly with an elegant classic design you can apply this idea. The elegant design has a big plus point. It will offer you timeless value. 

  • Mirror Tiles

Want to decorate your ceiling with an exclusive design? Mirror tiles are the one effective grid with lightweight, shatterproof, impact resistant & 2×2 standard size. As a basement party room or a basement bar, you can use the mirror tiles to create a great reflection game. It will give the basement a luxurious look. Modern people like to play with lightning reflections. 

Light is the source of entertainment. And to double the lightning mirror tiles will help you. In a classic bathroom or a wood slat wall, you can get a nice combination of mirror tiles. No doubt the mirror tiles ceiling will give you the royal outlook. When you also have a nice creative background with enough lighting, mirror tiles will make it more special. 

  • Vinyl Tiles textured

When you want to install the ceiling without any hassle & beautifully want to decorate it, vinyl tiles are the one. Truly the vinyl tiles look lovely with no maintenance issue. To get a simply gorgeous look in the basement living room or the guest room you can install the tiles. Standard modern look with rigors withstands. No cleaning hassle & stain removable.  

DIY Basement Ceiling Ideas

When different chemical materials are not available near to you or want to make something very natural, you can apply your knowledge. Look at the surroundings. Your surroundings will help you to explore the various creative ideas to cover up the ceiling. Selecting the right one is a challenging task. Maximum property owners have to face this difficulty. 

  • Painted Beam & Pipes

When you have a drywall basement you can follow a simple trick to cover the ceiling. Painting the basement wall & decorating with some photo frames. In this common trick, you can also paint the ceiling beams & associate pipes. 

Everything in your basement is white in color. It will give you an overall brightening look with the lighting fixtures. Though it is a very simple trick, when you are able to complete the design with nice finishing it will give you a bright sculpture appearance. 

  • Old Tin Roof

If you have a huge collection of used tin, you can apply the tin as a frame with the same length & width. When you are using the basement for storing things or to gather the used furniture or old plumbing materials, you can apply this trick to get a nice creative ceiling view. Remember that the idea will also help you to resist mold. 

For a very frequent visitor to your basement as a sports corner or others, you can use this old tin roof. As a creative design, you can apply the row of the Tin shit one is vertically & the next one is original. So the tiles can give you a different design look. To get it more decorative you can paint the Tin plate with a different solid color to make the ceiling more colorful. 

  • Decorative Ceiling Tiles

In the marketplace, you will get different design tiles for flooring, wall, or ceiling. If you don’t want to buy new tiles to cover the ceiling you can also apply cut pieces. Variety color in a place to decorate the ceiling. Collect all the pieces of tiles. 

Now make sure you want to apply the tiles directly on the ceiling wall or you want to add some texture to make strong support. To add texture, place all the tiles in a place according to the creative design. Now add texture with white cement or glue. Take the sheet & fix it with the ceiling. 

  • Drop ceiling tiles

It’s an amazing idea to cover the ceiling with an outstanding grid that seems like wallpaper. You can create a geometric pattern with the grid. The best part is, the tiles are easy to move slightly to get access to any electric wireline. You can have this type of tiles covering the ceiling at any residential or commercial buildings. 

Final Thought

Thinking about both low & high-budget homeowners we have made a deep research on the basement ceiling. When you will get an appealing ceiling material, the budget will never be the biggest issue. First, you should ask yourself, for which purpose you need to apply the ceiling for the basement. 

List out your requirements & go to select the best adjustable ceiling material according to the chart. When you are thinking about your basement insulation, ceiling replacement is the major part. When you are planning to remodel your basement completely, you must need a proper Basement Ceiling idea. 

Make sure the technical condition, lighting, layout, Utility access, window, wall & ceiling are in perfect condition after remodeling. We have gathered here the best possible info as a solution to the basement ceiling. If you have more queries or want to read out more basement solution content, visit our other pages. 

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