Best Basement Window Well Covers

Wondering about the best suitable windows well cover? No worries! This is  the right place. This content is able to disclose all related questions and answers. When you have a basement, it may want enough windows or doors to play with natural light. To ensure the natural lighting entrance, you have to set a proper well cover. 

The layout of the basement area is a little bit different than the other grounds. It’s the under portion of the first floor. So the windows can be covered with loose mud or leaves naturally. Constant waste filling clogs the drain line of the windows. Windows Well cover is a trap to prevent unexpected issues with the basement windows. 

What are the windows well covered? 

A sheet material to cover up the basement area windows outer side to avoid accidental falls of loose mud, leaves, clippings, grass, or other wastages. The birds or animals can also enter the basement through the windows. Most importantly, in the winter season or rainy season, the water drops can also disturb you in the basement. Based on the daily lifestyle & budget you can apply the window well. It is available in multiple sizes, designs, colors & materials. 

Maximum window well covers made of plastic materials like thermoplastic, Polycarbonate, and Polyethylene. These materials provide extra durability. Polycarbonate is stronger than the polyethylene material covers. Able to tolerate temperature change & expansion. The metal-based sheet is mainly manufactured with steel & aluminum. 

Metal covers will allow airflow & protect from heavy objects entering. Strong enough to protect the window space from large animals attack, heavy falling debris, or pets. Polycarbonate or Polyethylene helps to protect the basement from snowfalls, water leakage, and small debris. 


Review of top 5 Basement window well covers:

To prevent your basement windows leakage & rodent barriers we have listed here our top picks for you. Which are strong enough to protect your basement from pets or other barriers. Different shapes & sizes with high tolerance materials to meet your all needs. We also choose here the budget-friendly well covers.


  1. Yescom Window Outdoor Awning 

Specific Features

  • Compact type single shape
  • Seamless surface
  • Sleek looking with no water leakage issue
  • Transparent sheet with UV resistant
  • Helps to keep cool down the indoor area
  • Able to tolerate up to 33Ibs load
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Versatile shapes to block wide are sunlight & others
  • 1 Sheet: 3 ABS Brackets: 4 set screw and 6 bolts

Product description

Before purchasing the product you should confirm the exact dimension of the windows. The dimension of the Yescom windows well cover is 39.02” x 2.99” x 7.99” and made of Polycarbonate materials. Which makes the product strong enough to fight against any rainstorm, withstand wind, light snowfall, and more. Direct sunlight can heat up your basement. So it will work as a good protector for the basement furniture, doors, windows, and floor also. 

If you are confused about the installation then open the manual to follow instructions. Make sure you have received the set of screws, bolts, and manuals while purchasing the Well Cover. The brackets come in an attached position so you don’t need to assemble the sheets. But you can customize the screw system. The sheet needs to drill to inject any screw as per your requirements. 

Though the sheet is made of Polycarbonate so you need not be worried about the rainfall or the snowfall sounds. Which we naturally got from the tin sheet. But due to the Polycarbonate materials, you can feel something like a soundproof feeling. So you can hear the sound from the bedroom. No parts are made of metal material. Noise feeling is quieter than other materials well covered. 


    2. W4419 Hd Window Well Cover – 

Specific Features:

  • Made in China
  • Easy installation and lightweight
  • Crystal clear sheet with UV protection
  • Rust free cover & frame
  • Unbreakable virtual design
  • Custom manufactured
  • Strong polycarbonate material

Product description:

The total weight of the product is 2.7 pounds and the dimension is 18.25” x 20.5” x 45”. The color of the material is transparent. So you can check out the outside from the inner portion of your basement. 

No installation hazard just needs 10 to 5 minutes to screw each side of the cover window. You can draw a pattern to mark the drilling position to make a perfect shape & set. Due to no pre-drilling holes, you can set the total cover attachment according to your basement windows pressure points. 

Definitely, the product will be better than the local market purchases. The manuals will help you to know the proper installing process. Make sure the design of the window will match with the arc circle. If you have not the round shape basement windows you should not select the item. Choose the one which is not designed with a round shape. According to the manufacturer’s description, the covers are able to play a heavy durable duty. You can check some reviews to have some ideas. 


    3. Maccourt 4017CH Circular standard – 

Specific Features:

  • K type cover shape
  • Helps to improve basement insulation
  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Able to protect the basement from snowfall, debris, or rain
  • USA imported product
  • 5 years warranty
  • Energy saver
  • Affordable

Product description:

If you like to use any transparent basement well cover then you should select the one from the Maccourt brand well cover. Different shapes are not the fact at all. If you have a rectangle, square, round, or Sami round or other shaped basement windows, then you can choose from similar items with different layouts. 

When you need rectangular energy-saving well cover Maccourt 4017CH is the best for your low profile windows cover. You don’t need to be worried about different weather conditions. The clear surface will give light to the inner side of the basement. In this way, it will save your energy expenditures. Comes with clips, bolt, screw, caps, and other necessary things. 

It will also save the time of installing a windows cover than other covers. When you need to set other hardware to install a windows cover, Maccourt 4017CH standart will leave that hassle for you. Just put the cover on the place you want to install & tie those screws up. After drilling, insert the screws with nuts and put caps to get a better smooth feeling of the cover. 


    4. Dyne, Inc. 45″ x 26″ Rectangle – 

Specific Features:

  • Get it trimmed
  • Durable with different weather fact
  • Easy exit and installation
  • For heavy-duty it can support 250 pounds weight
  • Limiting with a clear design
  • Wind clips also included
  • Safety lock applicable

Product description:

Dyne is another rectangular lockable window cover. When you want to cover up the whole corrugated steel well. The other best side is, you can customize the size if you want. When it is not well to do with the size of your windows. Materials are available with timber, plastic, or concrete. 

Impact-resistant Dyne well cover is made with polycarbonate materials. It’s durable & strong enough to fight against any objects. The frame is covered with high-grade aluminum to maximize strength. The basic unique feature of Dyne’s well cover is the SAF T lock. You can unlock the windows well from the basement’s inner side. 

It’s a ready featured window well. You have to place it on the well of your window. Add the clips when they arrive in the perfect place. If you want to expose the basement inner side area publicly you can use this transparent window well covered. 


     5. Maccourt Products Inc W4018 


Specific Features:

  • Highly durable and quality product
  • Made in china
  • Heavy duty and raised shape for better ventilation
  • Strong & lightweight
  • Install ready
  • Transparent

Product description:

If you are searching for different products in the Maccourt brand, then you should select this one. A crystal clear cover is able to let you light enough. If you have the extended level ground window then the cover will set well. If you have a pet or children to cross over the window, this cover will help you to balance the weight. 

The fittings of the well cover are secure enough to keep all debris and unexpected dirt away from the wall. So the cover is able to manage the abuse of various elements which are outside of the wall. Here you will also get an impressive product feature. The product is only 2 pounds weight with the dimension 39.7” x 18.9” x 8.2”. The user doesn’t need to struggle when they want to remove the well cover also. 

Why do you need windows’ well covers?

The necessity of basement windows well covered depends on the grounds opening level. The basement windows level is ultimately lower than your first floor. To get direct sunlight & ventilation, you have to make a specious outer place of the basement windows. Digging the mud or the front grounds of your windows is mandatory to make free spaces. Now the question is, how to keep the Lump of soil in a stand-by mood? 

 If it is near to the children’s walking spaces or playgrounds then you should apply the windows covers instantly. It can be a trap for them. If it is a rainy season or snow falling, all can contact to contribute a collapse to the basement window. Dirt can fall down there & cover up the face of the window. So eventually all will help to ruin the windows. It can be the reason for destroying the home structure also. 

Loaded dirt water will also invite the tree roots to get engaged. So the ultimate result is, all things inside the windows tend to get a real-life beating. The total condition of the house will deteriorate quickly. To avoid all these circumstances and to save the basement windows you need to use the best suitable well cover. 


How do Well Covers work?

You have two major options to select your desirable windows well covered. Plastic or metal. Want extra protection & stay safe from Storms? The cover will work as a permanent door. Curve, rectangle, or other shape is not a major fact. In the marketplace all size & shape well covers are available. 

To buy the windows well cover you need to check out the shape, plastic, metal, strength, and others. Take the accurate measurement of your window’s outer portion. Keep in mind you are not covering the inner site. Any mistake of taking the dimension will not be well fitted for the windows. 

To get a transparent look you can use plastic Well covers. You can fold a plastic cover easily as per the shape. Which is not so easy for a metal frame. Combine materials cover strong enough to protect your windows & other facilities. 


Building Code Requirements:

When you have a large area basement and windows you may need to follow the building code to set a large dimension well covered. The horizontal dimension helps to open the case fully. If the dimension is not wide enough, you may need to attain some ladder system steps. At least the total area should be 9’ square. The project’s outward well should be 36” and the height should have 44”. 

For better confirmation, you can contact the local building code permitting office/. They will give you a simple design or a list of building code rules. These will allow you to maintain the windows well, well covers, basement egress perfectly. 


Buying guide of Windows Well Covers:

When you are going to buy any basement windows well cover, make sure you know well about it. Here we have focused on some primary strategies to get a well-set long-lasting good quality well cover. Follow these steps while purchasing the cover. 


  • Durability

Though it will be the outside portion of your basement, it should be more secure to protect your basement. Sometimes the rocks, debris, constructions leftover can fall down over it. Those can create scratches or can break the cover. When it is the time of heavy rainfall, snowfalls, or stormy conditions, you need to cover the outside boundary with a strong well cover. So you should consider the cover materials. Select the best premium quality durable windows to cover. 

  • Size

The next question is, have you taken the exact dimension of your basement windows outside the area? If it is not compatible with the windows, you need to do the task again. Need to visit the market again to exchange the size. Ultimately this will kill your time & energy. 

  • Layout 

It also plays an important role to get the best match windows well covered. In the marketplace, you will find different shape covers available. Like the round shape, rectangle shape, semi-round shape, or others. So make sure you need the dome or the double round or other covers. The perfect style will add extra attraction to your windows. 

  • Color

You should also check out the color of the cover. When you are very much conscious about your home improvement steps. It can be a private part. So you should have to think before, which color is able to save your privacy. When you will use the crystal clear windows well cover, the public can also see the inner side of your basement area. So it’s depending on which purpose you are using your basement. 

Finishing note:

Moreover, you can test some demo covers to assure the exact size & shape. To have a crystal clear windows cover you can use the industrial-grade polycarbonate cover. No yellowing issue or weather damaging fact. It comes with a custom build feature to enjoy the best-fit opportunity. Check out the demos and choose the best-fitted one. A well-designed basement window well cover comes with a combination of metal, concrete, plastic, wood, composite, stones, and much more. 

Home improvement doesn’t mean the beautification of the house. You should also think about the overall security options. More efficient and functional things can improve the usability of the products. A best quality basement window will not only improve the outside beauty of the house but also protect your inner house. When it can expose the inner condition to the outside peoples, so you should not overlook a single part of it. 

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