What is a Water Based Air Purifier? Top 5 Water Based Air Purifier

It’s not been a long time that the air purifier has become more popular with modern people. The basic reason for this popularity is air pollution. Not only the outside of your house but also the living space are day by day polluted with dust particles, dirt, mites, and others. Which can be responsible for different health diseases like allergies, breathing problems, asthma, and more. 

On the marketplace, you will get so many types of air purifiers. But the aim of selecting any air purifier will be dependent on the reason you want. Maximum customers like to buy the multifunctional air purifier. That will purify the air also will give you a fresh fragment and damage the bugs. 

What is a water-based Air Purifier?

An air purifier is a technology to clean your surrounding air condition. A water-based purifier is the latest member of this family. This invention will help people to filter the air from allergies, dust dirt, and others. A standard air purifier can also work as a humidifier not only at home but also the outside of the house. 

The purpose of this post is to let you know all about water-based air purifiers. This post will help you to know how this machine works, its advantages, disadvantages, and others. If you see nature or feel nature after a heavy rainstorm, you will get a fresh pollution-free feeling. What’s the reason behind it? The rainstorm has already collected all the dust, dirt smoke, or other disturbing elements from the air. Which is the main concept of inventing this type of air purifier. 

How does it work?

Does the air purifier really work? Sometimes the air purifier works as a humidifier to collect all the air and spread the air after filtering. This way the particles in the air automatically reduce and the dust or pollution also damaged by the process. However, we know HEPA is the best to prevent these types of elements from the air. But water-based technology is still doing a great job to clean the air. 

If you want to compare this purifier with the other air purifier or HEPA, then it will be more affordable and user-friendly. Depending on the additional systems we have discussed all types of variations between HEPA and air purifier. Though HEPA has so many extra features to particulate the air. When HEPA is not working on the moving air but water-based air purifiers work on moving air to collect the flying particles in the air. This purifier plays some simple and easy steps to complete the air cleaning procedure. These are – 

  • Pulls the pollution of the air into the purifying water chamber
  • It passes through the swirling of purification system
  • The purification procedure removes all pollutants inside the air
  • Then release the fully clean and purified air back to space

Benefits of Water-based air purifier:

Why should you use this technology air purifier? It has some basic benefits. Which are not directly getable from the other types of air purifier. Do you have a per in the house? Are you suffering from mild asthma or allergy? Is the place you leave smokier? All in a place solution is here. The water-based air purifier will relieve you from all of these issues. Most importantly, dry air is not suitable for our health or body. 

Ultimately when you will buy this product, it will work as a two-in-one service. No need to be worried about the price range. The price is comparatively lower than the HEPA filters. A purifier with a filter is more pricey than this filterless water air purifier. It comes without the filter box or ribbons. So there is no hassle of filter changing or replacing methods. Before placing the bid from any online shop, make sure of the total delivery cost for you. 

When you buy this water air purifier, you do not need to buy distilled water. You can use simple tap water. To get the aromatherapy effect you can also add the essential oil. Though the purification of air is not better than the HEPA filtration. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Water-based Air Purifier:

Everything comes with some special facilities and disadvantages. A water-based air purifier is not different at this time. 

                              Pros                                       Cons
Affordable & long-lastingIncrease the stage of humidity on the air
Work like 2 in 1, humidity & purifierNot well to do with fungi and mold
Act like an oil diffuserNot more or similar effects like the HEPA
You can compare it to a noiseless purifierTo remove odor, it’s not good enough
No need to replace the filter but waterBest suitable for the medium or small size room
Easy to maintain Do not have the carbon filter to remove odor
Run smoothlyNeed to clean after everyone uses

If you compare this air purifier with the traditional purifier, that will be low performance. Due to the particular design to fight against the stubborn pollutants. This water air revitalizer is only designed for indoor air cleaning purposes. Like the mechanical parts machine, the performance of this water air purifier will not be strong enough. So you can use this purifier for mild air purification. 

During this cleaning operation, it will add some moisture to increase the humidity level. So the indoor environment will be calm and refreshing by the mild effect of humidifying. Maximum water air purifier able to give you the best relaxing aroma due to essential oil. To feel more relaxed you can take a few drops of water from the kitchen basin. That will make a good welcoming fragment.

Top 5 Water Based Air Purifier

In this context, we have selected the top best water-based air purifier authentic reviews. These are not the result of our customer’s reviews but also our own experiences. To give you genuine feedback we have gathered all the required information here. Depending on the present marketplace products we have collected the best five product reviews. 

Venta LW15 Airwasher 2-in-1

If you are thinking about a filter-free and energy-efficient water-based purifier then Venta will be the perfect one. Most importantly Venta air washer will reduce the ozone, ions, and white dust properly. You can use this purifier as a multi-purpose purifier. Two functionality, one is a humidifier and the other is an air washer.  

Venta LW15 Airwasher 2-in-1

When you have room space or a free area of more than 200 square feet and want to purify the whole area, Venta LW15 will help you out. It can be the bedroom, nurseries, office room, or hall room, you can use this purifier to have a fresh air feeling. The water container can reserve 1.4 gallons of water. Also has the water level indicator and the device will be automatically shut off. So this will save energy and risk. 

Now I’m going to share with you the most amazing news about this device. Manufacturers allow a 10 years warranty with this device. So think about the confidence level. This long-time warranty is such a big deal to compare the product quality. 


  • The large area water reservoir
  • 10 years warranty
  • Filter free feature
  • No ion, ozone, dust, or pollen problems


  • Somewhat difficult to clean than the other devices

BONECO – Air Washer W200

Boneco also comes with dual functionality like Venta. It will simultaneously wash the air and remove the humidity from the rooms or your spaces. The purifier has an evaporator mat. Which helps it to reach out to the surroundings of the area. So Boneco is able to cover the area atmosphere completely. The water functionalities will help to pick the dust, dangers, pollen, and other facts from the air. 

This operation device has two operating modes, day and night. In the daytime, you can use the maximum output of it. At night time you can enjoy the soundless whisper-quiet operation. No warriors about the tank filtration of water. When the water tank will be empty, the matching will be automatically shut off. Here you have no chance of damaging the appliance. But without filling up the water tank, it should not be connected for a long time.

Setting up a device among the other furniture of the studio apartments is a difficult task. Here you have to think about the device design or structure. But most importantly, this modern device is well to do with any place and with any type of furniture at your house. It will fit tightly with other stuff and you can also place your other stuff like an oil bottle or cosmetics on the upper portion of it. 


  • Easy and available cleaning stuffs like the dishwasher
  • Tight fit with any type of fashion stuff
  • Work like a room deodorization
  • Build with modern look and energy-saving mode
  • Ideal for the white noise lovers


  • Users need to refill the water reservoir

Prolux Water-based air purifier

If you are a white lover and have all-white background appliances then you will definitely love this water-based air purifier. This product has three-in-one functionality. Here the aromatherapy is also added to the first two devices. If you want to use the device for a small size room then it will be fine. But for the large area room space, you should not choose the item. 

The room area should be under 70 feet square. This model has two different designs. One comes with an LED display and the other has no LED display. The basic difference between the LED and non LED display is, you can see the currently active functions of the device on the screen. It has the ionizer controller, germ reducer, UV light, power4 button, sleeping mode, fan speed, timer, and water illuminating functions. 

Prolux Water-based air purifier

When you turn on the sleeping mode, all of the LED lights will be turned off after the activities of one minute. Three levels of fan speed controlling, seven different colors of LED light are the most attractive function of this device. Due to the humidifier function, your indoor atmosphere will never be dry. To fill the water tank, you have a removable water tank with a 2-liter capacity. 


  • LED display
  • Sleeping mode
  • Diffuser, humidifier and purifier
  • Ionizer and UV light
  • Three different fan speed
  • Seven colors LED light


  • Only for the small size room

EcoGecko Water Air Purifier

Are you searching for an effective small-size neutralize odor and air freshener? Then EcoGecko purifier will be perfect for you. This small device has a USB cable for the plugin. You can also use the AC adapter as a Walter of it. For any wall space outlet, it will be best fitted. With the packaging, you will receive the adapter. This small device will use a small amount of power supply to control it. 

The dimension of this water air purifier is 4.25” x 4.25” x 5”. Three available color options with a lower price range. This small device also has the human system to bring the air into the filtered water. Then the fresh air will pass through the device. As a small device, it also produces a little noise to purify the air. You can use this air purifier for the bedroom, bathroom, or any other small place. 

Blue color LED lights look awesome at night. Something like a showpiece. You can also decorate your office room with this type of water-based air purifier. The total weight of this device is 8 ounces. The users can also use the essential oil as an altar of water. Plastic Body makes this device lighter than any other purifying device. 


  • Three colors appearance
  • Blue LED lighting system
  • Multi air freshener 
  • USB port
  • No mist


  • Small size air purifier

Aprilaire 500 Series Humidifier

If you have a choice between manual and automatic model then you can select this Aprilaire 500 model. The device is able to monitor your indoor and outdoor temperature with the percentage of humidity. To control your air purifier you need to set up the automatic controller. It will automatically start adjusting the functionalities at room temperature. 

When you have a large area of home ground, Aprilaire 500 can give you enough support to cover this huge area. Nearly 3000 square feet area is covered by this purifier. The total size of this device is not large enough according to its capacity. But you will get four available sizes to cover your total atmosphere. 

The compact design is well to do with any space due to its 15.6” wideness with 13” height. Depth is 10.4”. What say, is this a large size to be fitted anywhere? The weight of this 500 series is 7 ounces but it can work with 12 gallons of water in a day. A sensor monitor automatically observes the air condition and optimizes the humidity. Digital display to identify the current percentage of your room humidity. 


  • Dual sensor system
  • 3000 square feet coverage
  • Digital display screen
  • 12 gallons of water per day
  • Large capacity


  • High price than the other models

Final thought:

All of the above water-based air purifiers are not only an air purifier but also a humidifier. Also added aromatherapy in some different cases. These will help you to control your indoor and outdoor atmosphere and will also control the unexpected germ dust and other allergy drinking elements. We have collected the maximum features of every air purifier. Now it’s time to select the perfect one for you. You can compare these according to your budget, features, and capacity, or others. 


  1. Which water-based air purifier is more effective?

You have to choose one by considering the brand, capacity, review, and price range. Also, follow that the machine has any warranty issue or not. To select the best one, you should keep all the above points in your mind. 

  1. How to clean a water-based air purifier?

In some cases, cleaning the machine can be difficult. So you can follow the manuals and the guidelines provided with the device.

  1. How does the water-air filter work?

The working method of the water-based air purifier is very simple and easy. If you want to know the details then have a look at the above description of our content. 

  1. Which size will be perfect for my room space?

Definitely will depend on the manufacturer’s company’s instructions. While you will buy the machine, check the total coverage area capacity. It will help you to define the best one. 

  1. What is the charcoal filter?

If you have seen the carbon filter then you can easily understand the similarity between charcoal and carbon filter. The main difference is the impregnated carbon and the types of activation. Everything like the carbon filter does.

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