Difference between Dyson hot cool am04 vs am05

Dyson a British technology-based company. James Dyson is the founder of this household manufacturing company. This industry is able to provide you maximum home improvement appliances. Like air purifier, vacuum cleaner, hand dryer, heater, hairdryer, lights, bladeless fans, and many more. So Dyson will help you to get a modern look home with all advanced technology home appliances. 

Since 1991 Dyson has been providing many powerful products to their customers. All the products come with top-notch features and quality. If you do a little market research, you will get huge positive reviews. The critics also love these multiplayer technology appliances. 

Are you looking for a room heater to enjoy the winter night? Dyson is an amazing heater able to heat up rooms. This article will help you to figure out all the single parts of Dyson am04 & am05. We have focused on all major parts of these room heaters that you need to know before considering Dyson products with others.

Difference/Comparison between Dyson hot cool am04 vs am05

Like the Dyson vacuum cleaner, the Dyson heater is also becoming very popular for its duel weather-controlling mood. No matter if the weather is cool or hot. You can use Dyson am04 or am05 in both seasons. Depending on the weather condition the heater is able to give you the best performance. The Dyson dual mood heater belongs to the “ Air Multiplier “ group with an eye-catching price tag. 

If you like to compare the best safe fan or cooler fan in the market, Undoubtedly am04 and am05 will be the best bladeless safe fan/heater for you. All the heating elements or the cooling elements are in a hidden position for the user’s safety purpose. So think about the manufacturers working strategy. This technology will prevent the possibility of an unexpected accident. 

  • Dimension & Design

When you will see the outlook of am04 vs am05, you will not find any specific difference at all. The upper part looks like over, under that section you will find the housing portion. That space helps to protect the internal parts and the engine of the fan/heater. The housing also has a set up of grills to prevent motor overheating and to maintain perfect air circulation. You don’t need to sit down to pull the head or the power button of the devices. Because the device has remote control mode. 

The dimension and the design of both devices are the same. Dimensions are 7.8”x7.9”x22.8”. The overall design is compact with a slim figure and the weight of every unit is 6 Ibl.

  • The similarity of Dyson am04 vs am05

The physical appearance of Dyson am04 and am05 is very hard. Both of the fans have the same dimensions. The aesthetic design of these fans has made these more additional than others. Bladeless with the hidden elements to heat up the room temperature. LCD surrounding with the cylindrical technology. Gathered with the safety features for the children and the controlling power is the remote control. 

  • Dyson am04 vs am05 noise

In a recent update, Dyson am09 has been marked for the quietest noise-free cooling or heat-up fan. The Noise Abatement Society has awarded this model only for this noise-less feature. Dyson am04 is comparatively more noiseless than the upgrade version. Both models have no automatic turn-on/off option. The user must need to set up it manually. 

  • Features

When you want a fan for heat control or to need a cooler, you can buy this heater or cooler. Am04 and am05 are a feature of two in one option. So whether it is summer or winter, doesn’t matter. These devices will allow you to turn the room temperature hot or cold. The most important part of these devices is, here you will not find any heating or cooling visible elements. 

At any fun time, the temperature can be over knocked. So to keep the condition as safe as possible the designers also defined the devices with auto cut power options. This feature will save the possibility of energy loss. In any case, the device will never emit the smell of eternal burning. So the users can easily realize the problems. Though the devices have no possibility of this type of accident happening.

Without the physical appearances, the fans also have some differences which are very hard to figure out. Considering the performance you can realize the difference between these air multipliers. Am05 is the updated version of am04. Are you waiting for some eye-catching updates? Well, the electric motor used in the am05 is the update feature. 

All the series fans are using the brushless motor to draw the air. The most powerful engine to act as an air drawn. The electric motor of am05 makes the difference more remarkable. Manufacturers apply more potential to use am05 than the previous version. Which makes it more effective and attractive to the users. 

  • Color

Oh, there is also another difference between the Air Multiplier am04 with am05. You will not get the same color for both models. Am04 is available with two color combinations meanwhile am05 is available with more multiple color combinations. As a color-conscious person, you can choose the best one from the combination of five colors fans or a heater. Variant color combination with good-looking style. Modern people also love to use nickel color devices. So you can also choose the nickel /black combination color. 

  • Performance

Though both devices have similar features, performance is nearly the same. Am05 is the upgraded version of am04. So this one has 33% faster speed or performance than am04. Ultimately Am05 is a faster, stronger, and more smooth airflow provider. So the result of the working effort is more effective than the previous one. 

  • Warranty

Both devices have a 2 years labor and parts warranty. This warranty will be effective if you buy the device from the authorized reseller. Make sure the reseller is authentic and able to provide you the warranty till the end date of that warranty card. Maxime online sellers may not be able to provide you a warranty card. Before purchasing the product you should make sure the product is authentic.

Dyson am04 vs Dyson am05 vs Dyson am09

These all three devices are for those persons who are searching for a multi-functional heater or cooler. Day or night, winter or summer you can use these devices to control your room temperature. Here we have listed all the main features of these three versions of the Dyson fan/heater. 

Special features of AM 04

  • This model is cheaper than the latest one. 
  • Two in one functional machine. You can use a device like a fan or a heater.
  • All features are fully safe for the children
  • Smooth oscillation which is powered by the Air Multiplier
  • Remote control with magnetic attachment at the top of the fan

Special features of am05

  • The device can work as a double feature fan
  • Available with three adorable color combinations
  • The motor is more powerful than the previous version
  • Am05 is also powered by the Air multiplier with a large area projection
  • Automatic shutdown feature which safe for the children

Special features of am09

  • The device has all existing features of previous version devices
  • For one spot heating or cooling apply a direct approach
  • The noise abatement society already awarded the cooler or the heater for its more quietness
  • 10 level of airflow controlling 
  • The airflow of the device loop at a 45-degree angle
  • Auto shut off after the room temperature is enough for you
  • The air circulates is more efficient than the previous two
  • To make the room temperature into comfortable mode it will take a minute


Comparison between Dyson am05 vs Dyson am09

Dyson Air Multiplier is a premium grade high-quality air purifier and fans. Though Dyson am05 and am09 work like a fan but more durable than the air purifier or the heater. Am05 and am09 are two models of the series Air multiplier. As a customer, you can enjoy the machine by using an appliance like a fan or air purifier. 

If it is summer then you can turn on the fan for cooling purposes. In winter it will also warm up the room temperature. It’s a common thought that the fan will come with blades. But these fans do not come with the blades. Just because of no blades, these are soundless. Which is the special reason for being expensive. Both devices have a great visual impact. If you compare the design with the other cooling or heating design, it’s different and stylish. 

Am09 is the latest version of the Air Multiplier series, the best combination of heater and bladeless fan. Here you go to learn about the basic differences or the comparison between Dyson am05 vs Dyson am09. After checking out the whole content you will be able to select which one is the best for you. 

  • Design

In the design pattern, you will find many similarities. Both are attractive and eye-watering. The design is too smooth to clean with a clip of paper. Due to different colors, or options, you can choose your favorite one among these. Dyson AM05 is available with 4 options – 

 – Nickel + black, 

 – White + silver, 

 – Brown + iron or 

 – Blue or iron finish


Dyson AM09 comes with three options for you – 

 – White + silver, 

 – Nickel + black or 

  – Blue + iron.

AM09 also has the on/off button for power control. AM05 is taller than the model AM09. The measurement is 26 inches and 23.4 inches. So you can use the taller one to cover up a wide area. Able to spread up for the whole area with a small footprint with high length. Am09 is lighter than the am05. 

  • Similarities

Both of the devices are powered by the Air Multiplier advanced technology. The devices are not supported by the wifi controlling mood. Customers are not able to find out any visible blades or heating elements. The heater power will be automatically shut down when it is over temperate. You can also enjoy 10 steps of air-controlling settings. Both of these devices have remote controlling technology. These are very easy to maintain and clean. You can attach the remote by itself at the top of your device for magnetic attraction. 

  • Performance

Though the latest version of these Air Multipliers is am09 so you can compare it as the replacement of am05. Technically they are the same but they have two vital upgrade options that belong to the series am09. To realize the upgrade you just need to check out the features. 

  • Features

When the general fans come with two or three blades, the Dyson cooler or heater fan doesn’t have any blades. So these are soundless. The working process of these heaters is totally different from the general fans. The pedestal of the Dyson fans can draw up more than 5.28 gallons of air in a second. Like the vacuum cleaner. What’s to say, isn’t the process impressive?

The smooth flow of air like the natural gentle breeze. The flaw of air automatically sucked in to use less energy and sound. The fan will amplify the surrounding air for the Air Multiplier technology. When you turn on the cooling mood, it will automatically collect the warm air and remodify it into cold air. Same as for the heat-up mood. It will also allow you to maintain a significant distance. 

Dual ceramic portion plates help to produce warm air. The most important and amazing part of these fans is, they are fireproof. The design is well set up with the burning-resistant design. So the fans are really helpful and save for your family members. 

  • Difference 

There are some basic differences between Dyson AM05 vs AM09. The total weight of am05 is 5.2 pounds and am09 is 5.91 pounds. Dimensions are comparatively 8.5 x 6.7 x 25.2 inches and 8.03 x 6.02 x 23.4 inches. According to some expert opinions, the entire comparison between am05 and am09 is difficult. Both models have less or more functionalities than the other heater or cooler. With the help of both models, you can heat up your room pretty faster than other heaters. Highly convenient without any exposed accessories. Am09 is available with the Jet Focus control where the am05 doesn’t have this function. 

  • Price

Due to having different advanced technology features, the price of these models is higher than the only cooling or only heating fans. As the latest version of Dyson fan, the am09 is more pricey than other models. But the nearest price range of these models will be $200 to $500 according to the trusted seller sites.

Final Thought

These tools are completed with all required features. You can connect with these devices without any clamping. Though there are so many similarities, one version is a little more upgraded than the previous one. When you need a device to maintain the summer and winter room temperature with long-lasting features, you can choose the one from this list. According to our recommendation, the latest version will be the best for any user. Because the manufacturers always try to keep some latest features with the latest ones. 

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