How Much Does a Refrigerator Weigh

How Much Does a Refrigerator Weigh?

When you go out to purchase a refrigerator, ensure that you buy that which suits your lifestyle. It should match the features like the freezer’s space, well-organized compartments, and accessories such as ice making. But then what does a refrigerator weigh?

A refrigerator is considered one of the most substantial devices that can be in a homestead. If you purchase one, you should find its weight first because it will influence the cost of installation and its proper placement in the kitchen.

Features to Consider When Calculating a Refrigerator’s Weight

The following standard features should be considered when calculating the refrigerator’s weight;

  • French doors
  • Ice dispenser. temperature-controlled crisper
  • Shelving design

The refrigerator’s weight can vary according to the style, age, and type. One standard full-sized fridge weighs approximately 90 and 200 kgs, making the average weight around 300 pounds. On the other hand, newer refrigerators weigh relatively less than the old ones at around 220 pounds(100kg). There are the side-by-side refrigerators and the French-door ones which weigh 250-350 pounds (113 and 158).

How Much Does a Refrigerator Weight

Older Vs. Newer Refrigerators

Age can substantially affect the weight of a refrigerator alongside other factors. This does not imply that as refrigerators get old, they become more cumbersome as well. It means merely that refrigerator that was made in the past years are likely to be heavier than their similar counterparts that have been modernized. The reason behind this is the technological advancements that have rapidly taken root in the recent past, whereby today’s manufacturing materials are relatively lightweight compared to those of the 20th century.

A 40-year-old whirlpool top freezer fridge weighs more than a newer refrigerator. Still, some newer whirlpool refrigerator is capable of outweighing the older once because they have been advanced with new accessories that were not available on old refrigerators.

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When moving a refrigerator, 50 pounds makes a big difference. In many cases, fridges weigh differently depending on the number of accessories they have. The more they are, the heavy it weighs, and the less they are, the lighter it becomes. Therefore, when choosing your refrigerator, it is recommended that you settle with that which properly suits your lifestyle. The family’s eating habits and shopping are mostly what determines the type of refrigerator best for you. The refrigerator’s capacity is measured in four categories: creative storage, overall space, food storage, and freezer storage.

Calculating the Approximate Weight

It is simple to calculate the weight of a refrigerator by calculating a little more than 10 pounds (4.5 kg) per cubic foot. For instance, if a fridge is ten cubic feet, it will weigh approximately 45kgs (100 pounds). Remember, this weight is always less the accessories or unique style French doors. However, this is not practical for fridges over 20 cubic feet. Take an example of a French door and two-door, which are generally 25 cubic feet. These models can at least weigh 250 pounds (113 kg), but they can weigh up to 320 pounds (145).

Moving a Refrigerator

You all know how large refrigerators are while moving. However, there are some simple tricks that you should employ while moving a refrigerator to make the process easy and faster.

The first step is removing everything inside to lighten the load and avoid bouncing of food and lose shelves. The next step is to disconnect the fridge for it to defrost, in case the ice maker is present, all the cubes should be removed before they melt.

All the tube’s doors and wires should be secured so that the power cord does not drag on the floor when moving the fridge.

It is recommended that a refrigerator be kept upright while moving so that the seal system and loose items don’t get damaged easily. Each type of refrigerator has different moving instructions depending on their weight. If there is no option then laying down while moving is recommended, top freezer models should lay on the side that doesn’t have hinges so that the door can remain closed.

The side by side units is supposed to be laid on the freezer while French door units remain upright with a slight maneuvering allowance. In case you are using a dolly to move it, one of the sides should be placed not to the front or back to avoid damage.


Today, you are likely to get many refrigerators on the market that suit your needs and lifestyle. However, you might be having trouble choosing the ideal appliance for you. It is recommended that you choose the best, depending on style, weight, accessories, and models. Unlike many years ago, there are more advancements on the refrigerators due to technology. This makes it easy for you to select the one that is best for your home or office.

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