How To Start A Snowblower

How To Start A Snowblower – Top 5 Method to Start Blower

The snowblower is a machine discovered a long time. They have helped many people clearing their compounds and paths for their vehicles since the 1870s. These machines started with cutters that slice the snow and fan to blow from the surface. Over the years, due to advances in technology, these machines have also advanced.

What’s A Snow Blower?

It’s a machine that is also referred to as a snow thrower that helps in removing snow in an unwanted area such as sidewalk, driveway, ice rink, runway or railroad track. However, it’s commonly called “snowblower.”

The machine used auger and impeller to remove the snow on the pathways and not by blowing by air. Snowblower comes in two types of machines. One type is the one using electric power sourcing from the battery or line power. The other type of snowblower uses either diesel or gasoline. They play the role of throwing snow to other locations before the snow is hauled away.

The snowblower has the capacity to remove a few inches of the snow within the 18-20 inch path or a large that is mounted to heavy-duty winter that is mounted on the service vehicle. It’s capable to move 20-foot wide or even heavy snow up of 6 feet deep.

Types Of SnowBlowers

There are two classes of dividing this machine called snow blower – single and two-stage types. For a single-stage type of snow blower, it’s peddling mechanism (auger) will pull the snow into the snow blower machine. It will then direct the snow out of the discharge chute. So, the auger will contact the ground. However, it is the same reason that makes the single-stage machine unsuitable for use to remove snow on unpaved surfaces.

On the other hand, for the two-stage machine, it’s auger will pull the snow into a snow blower machine. It does so by feeding the snow into an impeller running at high speed that will direct out of the discharge chute. This type of snow blower is capable of handling long depths compared to the single-stage type. It has another advantage where it’s auger doesn’t touch snow ground, making it suitable to use on the unpaved surfaces.

When in the market, you can choose the type depending on where you need to use it. Choosing the wrong machine will give you problems. However, despite snow blower playing a crucial role in removing snow, it is also pressed to perform service blowing of other things like water.

How To Start A Snow Blower

It’s easy to start and operate a snow blower. However, you have to follow the steps to avoid damage to your machine.

The first step is checking the oil level on the snow blower machine. If it’s at the correct level, you can proceed but if not, you have to top up. Always use the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

The next step is to check and ensure drive controls have been disengaged. If so, now move the throttle control lever to a fast position. It’s always advisable to operate this machine’s engine using throttle control lever when at the fast position.

How To Start A Snowblower

The other step is to check on the fuel valve. If its shut-off, ensure that your turn it ON. After turning the fuel valve ON, you can now push the safety key.

You can now turn to choke control knob to its position. However, avoid using choke while starting a warm engine.

Then push its primer button twice. Avoid using primer while starting a warm engine. Lastly, you can rewind the start of the snowblower. Here, you have to hold firmly its starter cord handle. If so, then pull the cord slowly until you feel resistance and then pull rapidly.

How To Start A Snow Blower With A Choke

The reason for having a choke for gasoline-powered machines is to help it start even when it’s cold. It’s a design that is used in many machines.

The role of the choke is to shut air intake and help in producing rich gas mixture inside the combustion chamber of the engine. While operating a snowblower machine with choke, it can be counter-intuitive and especially when you have not used it for a long time.

The first step of operating the choke machine is to set it on full – meaning closed. The other step will be starting that engine depending on the instructions given by the manufacturer that includes the numbers of fuel primers. You have to follow the correct procedure before you pull the ignition code or press its starter.

Once the engine starts to run smoothly, open the choke. Don’t use choke if the machine operates normally because it leads to excessive consumption of fuel. When it floods the engine, it causes shut down.

How Do You Use An Electric Start Snow Blower?

An electric snow blower means that it needs the power to operate. Depending on your source of power, ensure whether you have to use AC or DC.  When sure, connect your extension cord of the machine in a power cord receptacle. Then, connect it into your wall receptacle. In case you need to have an additional extension code, you have to ensure its three-wire.

You can now depress the starter button by pushing. When you start the snow blower engine, first you have to disconnect from the power source. For you to extend its life, always use short starting cycles. So, always wait a minute between your starting cycles.

The other crucial thing you have to do is allowing its engine to warm up for a few minutes. If done, you can slowly move the machine’s choke control know to the required RUN position. Your machine will be ready to perform its tasks.

How Does Electric Start Snow Blower Work?

All electronics have their concept of operation. It’s the same concept that the electric snow blower will use. When you have your machine, you have to plug it in your power source but following the manufacturer’s details.

The machine’s auger will help to move the snow upwards. The chute will help in clearing the snow from your targeted area. That is why its referred to as snow blower.

Electric has few variations with its design. For example, its electric shovel can clear about 12 inches wide, but other versions can go up to 21 inches wide. It’s a handy tool that helps you clear the snow effectively.

How To Start A Yard Machine Snow Blower

If its the first time you’re operating a yard snow blower, you need to follow these steps. First, check the level of the oil. It should be at the full mark.

The second step is the fuel. The manufacturer specifies the grade of fuel you should use. If you haven’t fired for a long time, it should be fresh.

Thirdly, ensure drive control is neutral. All of them should be neutral because of safety purposes.

The fourth step is to set the chock to full. It’s an essential step for the cold start. It helps in mixing fuel and air properly to allow the engine fire correctly.

The fifth step is to turn the throttle and fuel ON. After doing that, depending on the model of the machine, switch ON starter or pull the rope.

How To Start Ariens Snow Blower

Arien is a reliable manufacturer of snow blower machines. The company has seven different series; single and the two-stage machines for snow blowing.

However, starting the these Ariens Snow blower machines uses similar procedures like others. Starting Arien gasoline or electric snow blower machine will involve some steps. All valves or switches have to be in the correct direction.

First, consider that your machine is in good condition to run. If the previous damages have been repaired. Then you can prime the engine to make it ready for ignition.

Finally, check for its starter rope and make it start running. For an electric starter, use the switch.

What To Do If Snowblower Would Not Start

If you find snow blower machine not starting, here are the troubleshooting tips to save your time:

  • Empty Tank

If the fuel tank is empty, the engine won’t start. While on it, also check the oil. It’s advised to start the machine the moment you have clean and fresh fuel.

  • Position Fuel Valve

Sometimes, the fuel valve might elude your memory when you don’t use it for an extended time. When the switch is OFF, the machine won’t start. Flip it to ensure its ON position. It seems easy to do but also easy to forget.

  • Switch

There are some blowers engines with safety key switch. Check it to ensure you have properly inserted it inside the holder and the toggle switch to be in the RUN position. If not flipped, it results in an inability of starting your machine.

  • Choke

If the time of starting is cold, you need to ensure it’s under full choke mode.

Due to physical exertion, while shoveling snow, it may lead to bodily damage to your snow blower machine. However, to help you with the problem, there are different machine models that can clear your walkways without fearing damage to the machine. But all machines have their ways of starting the engine; a starter rope or electronic ignition. Depending on the weather conditions, each method will be useful for starting the machine.

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