10 Best Sports for 3,4 & 5 Years Olds Kids

10 Best Sports for 3,4 & 5+ Years Olds Kids

Today, the sedentary lifestyle continues to plague the families having kids and there is no effort to burn the energy. Besides, most kids will hate doing physical exercises or kids’ sports.

The kids will go to school, then come back home and sit for the remaining hours with gadgets without doing kid’s activities.

Currently, obesity has become a major concern and leads to other lifestyle illnesses such as heart disease, blood pressure or diabetes.

Why Kids Require To Sports

It’s essential to allow kids to participate in outdoor kids’ activities, like the kid’s sports which become a great way to expire and develop essential skills.

If they participate in these best sports for kids, they become exposed to various social, mental, physical, educational and emotional benefits. These are some reasons why the kids have to sport:

  • Development Of Self Esteem

Through several studies, they have suggested that if the kid will take part in any sport it will help them to develop their self-esteem or confidence.

Using some gestures like high-five with the teammates or handshake after the match is over will help to build confidence.

  • Social Skills

When children are playing sports, they help the kids to develop the social skills that continue to help them as they grow. While playing sports, it will teach them something about teamwork or cooperating with the other team members.

  • Accepting Defeat

In various cases of life, there should be a winner and a loser. In the kid’s sports, it’s when they learn to accept and cope for losses instead of fealing much defeat.

  • Maintain Discipline

All sports will need maintenance of discipline. The discipline can be physical, tactical or mental. For one to be better, you need discipline.

Sports For 3 Years Olds

Sports For 3 Years Olds

Why 3 Years Old Kids Require To Sports

Sports for 3 year olds are essential because they make the small athlete gain a high confidence level. That is after they get instructions from other people.

There is always a sense of achievement that will be involved after the kid participates in the sport. So, it serves as a booster to confidence and the kids will be confident after participating in any challenge posed to them.

There is evidence proving that kid’s activities through sports for 3 year olds is beneficial to their development. So, encouraging sporting activities or events in their lifestyle will enable you to raise a healthy child.

  • Running

Running is among the sports for 3 year olds which has garnered immense popularity. However, the marathon nowadays is being organized through various organizations of which its an activity that helps the children who participate. Besides, there is no cost that is involved, making the sport among the best forms for exercising.

Choosing kids’ sports might be a hard task but running is something that should be in their program. The benefits of choosing running are because it brings concentration, focus, endurance and also improving on muscle strengths. Regular practices will help in building immunity of the kid and also develop lung power of the child. It helps to reduce the risks of getting flu or common colds.

  • Hopping, Skipping

Hopping is an activity that is beneficial to young kids. Besides bringing health benefits, it also makes them active during the day. As a guardian or parent, you should learn how to teach the small athlete hopping or skipping.

There are some fun games that will be involved with hopping. These games also involve hopping using one leg but also good in helping them to develop a good sense of balancing easily.

There are some activities that will make the child enjoy as they learn how to hop. For example, you can give them a rope and then guide her on how to hope and then skip using the rope.

  • Throwing

Depending on a multitude of sports or activities, throwing is crucial. When the kids throw well, it will help them to participate in various activities or sports from football to frisbee or baseball. Besides, making them learn how to throw will also help to save their life one day.

Throwing is like most skills, and therefore not something that kids will be born having. So, they are forced to learn to master these skills. Playing and especially throwing gives the kids plenty of repetitions which becomes the best teacher. However, at the outset, giving a little instruction will be a basic technique that will help.

  • Jumping

There are numerous activities that are behind jumping that can help the kid as part of the sports for 3 year olds. There are many reasons why jumping is essential for a kid.

However, jumping is fun and brings full of energy. It’s also the skills that your child will need when playing.

If you teach the child to jump, it makes other sports and activities to be available for them. Swimming, skating, and baseball will be among the sports that will make your child shine after gaining momentum through jumping. Jumping is, therefore, a multi-dimension for the games played.

Sports For 4-Year-Olds

Sports For 4-Year-Olds

There are many sports for 4 year olds that they can participate in. Some of these sports include:

  • Kicking

Kicking is a skill that is fundamental that will be behind various sports and activities. Considering some sports such as kung-fu, rugby, karate and soccer, most of these sports will be based on using kicking extensively.

Besides, all these sports for 4 year olds will employ different techniques but will depend on the activity.

If you follow the trend, soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. It is also ranked as the first and kicking will be giving your child the basic skills of playing soccer. If you teach the small child to kick, in the future, he or she will play soccer full of confidence and also will be having the ability of jumping.

  • Striking

If you need sports for 4 year olds, then you have to start them by showing them how to strike. Striking offers the young child with confidence in participating in various sports as they grow old.

Choosing striking or field games will essential to the child. These are activities that the players will score points by striking an object. After striking, they will run yo designated playing areas or even be there to prevent the opponent to score where they will have to retrieve the object.

The more the child participates in these skills they gain tactics for various games such as cricket, softball, and baseball.

  • T Ball

If you have kids that are dreaming of becoming baseball stars, they need to learn with tee-ball. This is among the best sports for kids that you should consider being the top choice. It’s a modified baseball game that is for kids.

This kind of sport is one of the enjoyable and kid-friendly without giving them pressure. Choosing the game for the child will make them participate in youth baseball and this will be an excellent step to learn the basics.

For safety purposes, t ball doesn’t pose dangers to the kids. Besides exhausting their energy while running, but no worrying about getting any injury.

  • Climbing On Playground Equipment

Climbing brings a wide range of kids activities but also with different facets. It’s not only a sport, but climbing also helps in the development of the children.

Today, climbing has been introduced as a sport that will be participated in the Olympic games.

It’s for the first time that there will be athletes worldwide competing for three disciplines of climbing: speed, lead, and bouldering.

Climbing is, therefore, a fundamental movement skill that will help the child with movement patterns for various body parts and also provide physical literacy basis. So, garnering these skills will be foundational movements for kids to more complex skills used in major league sports.

Sports For 5 And 5+ Year Olds

Sports For 5 And 5+ Year Olds

  • Swimming

Choosing swimming among other sports for 5 years old is essential. The sport is great because it helps the child to tackle the fear they might have for heights or water. If well learned and mastered, swimming becomes a sport that will never be forgotten. The sport helps the child to develop the ability of their own without making any competitions.

This sport helps the child improve their lung power because it teaches them how to breathe because they have to control while in water. Besides, the sport also improves muscle strength because of different stroke styles.

  • Soccer

Soccer, a sport that is most popular and therefore considered as among the best sports for 5 year olds to play. This is a sport that can be taught at this early stage and has continued to gain popularity for several kids who train to become champions. In the world, the star footballers are creating an adrenaline rush that is associated with this sport.

This game will facilitate fairness, teamwork, physical benefits, and discipline among the kids. Besides, it also promotes muscle flexibility, strength, weight control, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance. When juggling the ball, it will improve cardiovascular sustainability, foot dexterity, and balance.

  • Speed Stacking

This sport speed stacking which also means cup stacking can be a team sport or individual which will involve 9 or 12 designed cups. These cups have a special design that will allow speedier times. The participants of this sport will stack the cups using specific sequences. These sequences are pyramids of either 3,6 and 10 cups. So, the players will compete against another player.

This game in sports for 5 year olds will help to improve reaction time and hand-eye coordination. According to various studies, it essential to introduce this game to the small kids because it helps to utilize the brain sides.

  • Martial Arts

In most schools, they have started including a schedule to help the kids with physical training activities. These kinds of sports for 5 year olds are essential because they will gradually make the child physically strong.

Martial arts are sports facilitating the development of children in terms of spiritual, emotional and physical growth.

Moreover, the sport will help the child to instill the senses of maintaining discipline. For most that associate with this sport will merely fight or have self defense. But, another benefit of the sport is that it teaches self-control and focus. It will allow the child to learn other skills.

Best Sports for kids: FAQ

Is it good for a child to participate in sports while having poor grades?

It depends but in most cases, it will be good. The reason is that all children need to babe physical activities during their day.

Can I allow the child to quite a sports team?

As the child grows, sometimes the interest in the sport fades. So, according to him, participation may become among the negative experiences.

How do I alleviate my child’s anxiety about sports?

Sometimes, sports are stressful similar to other activities such as band solos and school exams. So try to minimize the child’s stress by positively emphasizing sports.


When it comes to kids’ sports activities, you have to be encouraging and positive. By doing so, you have to emphasize effort, enjoyment, and improvement over personal performance and winning. So, you should attend the events and practices that your schedule will allow where you have to act as the role model. However, the essential goal that you have to do are looking for physical activities that will make the child enjoy it because it will also encourage lifetime fitness.

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