Best Baseball Players Of All Time, Top 10 Best MLB Players

Best Baseball Players Of All Time, Top 10 Best MLB Players

If you are a fan of baseball, the best part is when you’re debating between eras, teams or statistics. But who is the best baseball player in the world?

There are different ways to gauge and determine the greatest men who ever played baseball. Some of the names will come easily because there are legends who have passed down from one generation to the other.

Some of the names are easily overlooked.  Without forgetting, Major League Baseball wasn’t allowing African-American players until 1947, which was 71 years later after the National League began.

For every baseball player, he wants one season to be perfect for everything to fall exactly right. It’s easier for one to be a great player in baseball.

Best Baseball Players Of All Time, Top 10 Best MLB Players

Here are the top 10 baseball players of all time:

#1. Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth, a famous baseball player born in 1895 as George Herman. He was among the best MLB players of all time in 1910 – 1930s playing for Major League Baseball. He also played with New York Yankees, Boston Braves and Boston Red Sox.

Babe Ruth

Life History

Babe Ruth grew in a poor waterfront neighborhood where his parents were owning a tavern. He was among the eight siblings that his parents had.

When he was 7 years, like most children, he was troubling his busy parents. To discipline him, he was sent to a catholic orphanage and was his home for 12 years.

Sports Career

Babe Ruth started learning how to play baseball as he was growing in Baltimore, Maryland. He started playing for Major League Baseball at Boston Red Sox. During that time, he was playing as a pitcher. During his error, Babe Ruth was having the best pitching statistics. At his time, Red Sox was able to win World Series during 1915, 1916 and 1918 season.

Ruth started becoming a star player and when Red Sox was having problems with money, he was sold to New Yankees. Since then, the Red Sox couldn’t win again until 2004 and was the greatest baseball player of all time.


In his career, Babe Ruth was a great achiever after winning leagues with Boston Red Sox.

Babe Ruth was able to achieve more when he was in Yankees. It where he became the most famous player in the world of baseball history.

He was able to help the Yankees win their games and World Series Championships four times. When he left the Yankees, he went to Boston Braves where he played his last season in 1935.


In 1927, Babe Ruth was able to hit 60 home runs creating a record that was broken in 1961. In his career at Yankees, he was able to catapult baseball to become prominent the people enjoy today.

#2. Willie Mays

Willie Mays was among the greatest baseball players. Historically, Willie Mays was able to thrill the baseball fans through his 22-year career. He was known for his astonishing defensive skills and powerful bat.

Willie Mays

Life History

In 1931, it’s when this most famous baseball player Willie Howard Mays was born. He lived at Westfield, Alabama. However, he was the only son and after the separation of his parents, his two aunts took care of him.

When he moved to Fairfield, it’s when he started playing alongside his father at Birmingham Industrial Leagues. He started as a basketball and footballer.

Sports Careers

When May graduated from high school, he signed to start his career with New York Giants in 1950. He started at minors.

He was a good player despite experiencing segregated living conditions while he still received racial taunts from the fans. After hitting .477 within 35 games playing at Minneapolis Millers in 1951, Willie Mays joined the Major Leagues.

In 1954, Willie did hit a league-leading of .345 having 41 home runs where he was classified as a most valuable player.


Willie Mays was able to blast a league-leading in 1956 with 51 home runs and in the following years, he was able to win consecutive stolen base titles.

He was arguably the top all-around player of baseball and became a hero in Harlem Community. He became famous for playing stock all with kids and that’s how he earned “Say Hey Kid” nickname.

In 1961, he was the ninth player who could hit fort home runs within a single game. In 1962, Willie Mays did push the Giants to near win World Series before losing to New York Yankees. It’s when he collected the second MVP award.


Due to great achievement, he took to Giants, Willie Mays, the Giants dedicated him to a statue as the baseball icon. He also received many awards in the subsequent years like an honorary degree from the University of Yale among others.

#3. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds, a famous baseball player who did set a record in Major League Baseball. However, his accomplishments were later tainted because of the allegations of performing with drugs enhancement.

Barry Bonds

Life History

He was born in 1964, as Barry Lamar Bonds in Riverside, California. He became the famous baseball after Bobby Bonds his father who was a Major League outfielder.

Barry attended Arizona State and after graduating, started his career in Pittsburgh Pirates and later San Francisco Giants in 1993.

Sports Career

Barry Lamar Bonds were able to make his history by setting a single season. Even though he was accused of using drugs to enhance his play but his conviction was overturned later.

He was able to make history after breaking Hank Aaron’s record which was 755 home runs. He did also set a record at Major League for walks having 177. However, Bond was attentive because he used to hit 23 homers for the first or second pitch. In National Leaguers, he used to utilize his short and powerful stroke.


Bond was able to make great achievements after starting to break records as a dynamic hitter. That was when he was in San Fransisco Giants.

In 2001, Barry Bonds was able to set the sport with 73 home runs, breaking the record of Mark McGwire in a Major League.

In 2002 season, he began with 484 stolen bases and also 567 home runs. At his achievements as a baseball having at least 400 stolen bases and 400 career home runs, he just needed 16 to carve 500-500 niche.


Despite the drug controversy, Barry Bond was able to achieve a successful season. He did hit 45 home runs where he won National MVP Award again for the seventh time.

#4 Ted Williams

Ted Williams, the greatest hitter ever known in baseball. He had been nicknamed Teddy Ballgame, The Thumper, The Splendid Splinter or The kid. Ted, with a batting average career and highest more than any MLB player.

Ted Williams

Life History

Theodore Samuel William, who was born in 1918 and died in 2002 was a great baseball player and manager. He spends 19 years playing Major League baseball where he was a left fielder from 1939- 1960 in Boston Red Sox.

His baseball career was later interrupted during the second world war by military service and also Korean war.

Sports Career

Ted Williams started playing minor leagues from 1936 to 1938. During that time, he played Pacific Coast League. He used to play back-up behind Ivey Shiver at the league and DiMaggio Vince. After Shiver quitted, he was left as the player and Boston Red Sox spotted him.

He started playing for Major Leagues from 1939 to 1960 when he started at Boston Red Sox.

In interest at the army, in 1942, he joined the Navy Reserve and was on active duty from 1943. He even became commissioned as a second lieutenant and used to play baseball in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Ted Williams was a greater and famous baseball achievement. He was categorized as the fifth player who hit 400 home runs in 1956. He was not like other baseball players because William ended his career by hitting a home run using his last-at-bat in 1960.

Historically, Ted Williams is among the few baseballers who were able to appear in Major League games within four decades. Besides, all the time he was referred to as the greatest hitter that ever lived.


In his last years, Ted Williams was suffering from cardiomyopathy after undergoing open-heart surgery. In 2002, he died after having suffered from a series of congestive heart failure and strokes.

#5 Ted Williams

Hank Aaron is a baseball legend, a man who was able to break a record set by Babe Ruth. He had a mark of 714 home runs and was able to complete his career participating in major leagues.

Ted Williams

Life History

After Hank Aaron was born in a humble circumstance, he grew in Mobile, Alabama. Here, he was able to ascend the rank from Negro Leagues to participate in other major leagues.

In his 23 seasons, Hank Aaron spent most of them as an outfielder for Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee. He was able to set many records that included his career total of having 755 home runs.

Sports Careers

Aaron was able to debut in Major League when at age 20, in 1954. This was after spring training injury from another Milwaukee Braves outfielder and he was the spot.

After joining Major league, he had a solid year where he hit .280 and 13 home runs. He was able to charge in the 1955 season when he had blend power having 27 home runs, RBIs 106 and averaged .328. It was something that came to define his long career.


In his long career, Hank Aaron achieved great such that he was honored in 1999 after Major Leagues introduced Aaron Award. The award is usually awarded to the top hitter. The award was about compiling points basing on statistics but later fell from the voting jurisdiction of the broadcasters where now fans have joined the process.

When the award started, the first winners were Sammy Sosa and Manny Ramirez from Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians respectively.


Hank Aaron was nicknamed as “Hammerin Hank” and that came when he was considered as the greatest player in sports history. He spent over 21 years playing outfield for Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee.

#6. Tyrus Raymond Cobb

A baseball legend, Tyrus Raymond was an outfielder. He played in Major Leagues during his life. Tyrus was nicknamed as The George Peach while participating in American Major League Baseball.

Tyrus Raymond Cobb

Life History

Tyrus Raymond Cobb, being born in rural Narrows, Georgia in 1866 proved to be a good baseball player. In his 22 seasons, he spent playing with Detroit Tigers and was able to end his career while with Philadelphia Athletics.

In the history of baseball, Tyrus was able to receive most votes in the Baseball Hall in the fame ballot. He received more than any other player.

Sports Career

In his sports career, Cobb was able to play baseball with Detroit Tigers. Here, he was and to spend 22 seasons of his career.

However, through many games and rewards while with Detroit, he ended his career while with Philadelphia Athletics.

He was a great baseballer such that in 1999, Tyrus Cobb was included in the list as among the greatest players. He was the third in that list from Sporting News editors. Tyrus Cobb was able to play his role well.


After getting the highest votes in Baseball Hall, Tyrus was able to make more achievements in his career life. He left a legacy for the large college scholarship fund. It was for Georgia residents and was financed through the early investments he had at General Motors and Coca-cola.

When he retired and attitude of racism went down, Tyrus Cobb was able to speak favorably on the black players to also join major leagues.


In his career, his name was tarnished after an allegation of being a racist. It was something that was largely stemming from various discrete biographies and released after his death but he was the best baseball player ever.

#7. Walter Perry Johnson

Barney or The Big Train, were nicknames of the baseball legend Walter Perry Johnson. In his baseball career, he played in the right-handed pitcher in Major League.

Life History

In his life, from 1887 to 1946, Walter spent 21 years playing baseball. He was with Washington Senators from 1907 to 1927. Later in his career, Walter Perry Johnson served as Senators manager from 1929 to 1932. In 1933, he later managed Cleveland Indians to 1935. He is often thought of as the greatest pitcher.

Sports Careers

In baseball career, Walter Perry Johnson held a career record for 56 years having 3,508 as he ended his career in 1983. He was the only player who was in 3,000 strikeout club. He was the record holder for long until Bob Gibson broke the record in 1974 after recording 3,000rh strikeout.

Johnson was able to make credible records while playing in Major League 12 times that included eight consecutive seasons.


While being regarded as a legend, Johnson made some achievements in his baseball career. In 1936, he was able to be elected inside the Baseball Hall for fame. He had a gentle nature which was legendary and still regarded as a good example of sportsmanship. And his name also became synonymous with friendly competition.

In the history of baseball, Walter Perry Johnson became among the greatest pitcher. He even set some records that took time before broken after his retirement.


Walter Perry Johnson died as the greatest pitcher that lived in baseball history. In his career, he was able to make good records and several pitching records such that some were never broken until he retired.

#8. Stanley Frank Music

In the baseball games, Stanley Frank Music is the greatest person as the “Stan the Man.” Frank was a historically good player and a model citizen. He was St. Louis icon after playing for 22-season.

Stanley Frank Music

Life History

The musical, the baseball legend was born and grew in Donora, Pennsylvania. He used to play the baseball informal as he was growing and was capable to play for Donora High School.

In 1938, it’s when Musial signed his professional contract and started his career as a pitcher with St. Louis Cardinals.

Sports Careers

In his career as a baseball, Musial was in major league baseball for 22 seasons. He was playing with St. Louis Cardinals in the period from 1941 to 1944. However, he is also considered as the greatest and consistent hitter of baseball.

Musial was able to batt .331 in his career and also set a Nationa League record when he hit 3,630 and runs batted in 1,951. In his 475 career home, Musial was ranked second in NL.


When Musial completed his military service, which was during the war, he came back to baseball in 1946. This was great for him because he was able to maintain consistent hitting. In that year, he was able to earn an MVP award and also a third World Series title.

In 1948, he was able to attain his third MVP award after finishing one home run. Before he retired, he shared 17 Major League records, nine All-Star Game records, and 29 National League records.


Frank Musial is still known for sportsmanship and modesty after he was selected in the Major League Baseball. He was presented by President Barack Obama with the Presidential Medal of freedom.

 #9. William Roger Clemens

In his illustrious career of 24 years, William Roger Clemens played baseball. He amassed a record for being the best pitcher in his time at National League after throwing 4, 672 strikes.

William Roger Clemens

Life History

William Roger Clemen, who was nicknamed “Rocket” was born in 1962 as an American baseball pitcher. He played for 24 seasons where he participated in Major League Baseball. He was noted mostly while he participated in the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. However, he was alleged to use steroids but denied the allegations.

Sports Careers

Clemens was among the most dominant pitchers you could come across in Major Leagues during his time. He was able to tally 354 wins, 4,672 strikeouts and earned 3.12 run average, which was the third most that time.

Clemens was a great baseball player and achieved various awards during his time including World Series Champion. He was known because he had fierce competitive nature without forgetting the hard-throwing pitching style that he was using to intimidate the other batters.


In his career, Clemens did great in the field and achieved a lot. When he completed his 1996 season, he went to Boston and played for Toronto Blue Jays. While there, he was awarded Cy Young Award and leading the league where he was tripling crown.

While at Yankees, Clemens was able to win two World Series titles. It was in 2001 when it was the first pitcher in the history of Major League to start the season by achieving the win-loss record.


In the history of baseball, Clemens remains as the only pitcher to record more than 350 wins in Major League with strikes out more than 4,500 batters. He retired in 2007 at Yankees.

#10: Johannes Peter Wagner

In 1874, this baseball legend, Johannes Peter Wagner was born. He was an American baseballer who participated in Major Leagues from 1897 to 1917 with Pittsburgh pirates. He was the best MLB players of all time.

Johannes Peter Wagner

sports careers

In his sports life, Johannes participated in 21 seasons at the Major Leagues. However, he was even inducted in 1936 at the Baseball Hall for Fame and was one of the five members. It’s when he received the second-highest number of votes. During that time, he tied with Babe Ruth but they were behind Ty Cobb.

Even in baseball history, he is an icon for being the greatest shortstop and player. He is still featured as a rare player and valuable in his existence.


In his life playing baseball, Wagner was able to make history. He was able to win the right battling title, where his eighth, he was awarded in 1911. He set a National League that hasn’t been broken even today but Tony Gwynn matched once in 1997.

Wagner was able to lead the league and stole bases five times and slug six times. His nickname was the flying Dutchman because he had a superb speed and also German heritage.


With greater achievements in his baseball career, Wagner’s nickname was a nod. It was for popularity in the folk tale made during his famous era. Till today, most baseballers are referring his as the greatest shortstop.

Baseball Game: FAQ

What does “Run Batted In” means in baseball?

RBI or “Run Batted In” means that when a player gets 68 RBI’s in a season, he has scored the base runner 68 times.

What makes baseball player great?

For a baseball player, you should have traits like the ones Strawberry displayed. For example, a baseball player should portray mental toughness, emotional control, and self-confidence during stressful situations.

Is it possible for a player to be called into majors when at any league?

Yes! It’s possible for any player at any level is called to majors directly. However, the players have to spend more time in minors as they sharpen and garner knowledge for their skills. But, they should be at Double-A and Triple-A.


Nothing says summer more than baseball – with RBI smell of freshly cut grass. The game has come since American zeitgeist with a long history and consistency of this game for decades. With the consistency of history, that’s why it’s easier for anyone to compare the baseball players than other sports to know the best baseball players ever.

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