How to choose baseball bats for kids

How to Choose the Baseball Bats For Your Kids

Baseball is an exceptional conventional game in certain countries, and it combines various techniques like batting, throwing, speed and also faster decision-making skills. A bat is a crucial sports tool and one must consider a lot of factors when choosing the best bat for the game. If your kid is playing the game, it’s vital to choose a good bat for a child if at all you want him/her kid to a good time in the field. A hitter who buys a wrong bat is bound to experience a lot of problems when it comes to swinging and trying the different techniques of the game. When you buy the wrong tool, it will become hard to make solid contact with the ball. It, therefore, becomes crucial, to always remember the following factors when picking the best and top bats for kids.

What is the right bat size for kids?

The appropriate size of bats for kids will greatly rely on their height and weight. This might be uncomfortable when kids of different heights and weights, use the same bat in Little league competitions and physical education class. Therefore, it’s recommended for one to figure out the average weight and height, purchase from that given class, and then select one or two for the tallest and shortest in the class.

The most common rules for looking for bats for teenagers include: 

  • A bat measuring 26 inches is suitable for kids with heights ranging between 3 feet to 3 feet, and 4 inches.
  • Include and an extra inch to the bat for every 4 to 5 inches that the kids grow.

What is the right bat size for kids

When estimating the kid’s height and weight prior to purchasing a bat, it’s advisable to look out for the following: 

  • Carry out the measurement when the kid is wearing the baseball cleats.
  • Let the kid stand next to the bat and compare his/her size height to the equipment. The bat ought to reach his hip. When you buy a long bat, it will be too cumbersome to swing, and if it’s too short, the kid will get a hard time connecting with the ball.

Besides height, Weight is also an essential factor taken into consideration when playing in a Little league competition. The general rules usually depict that kids weighing below 60 pounds will do better with a bat measuring 25 to 29 inches in length. And kids with over 30 kg should use bats measuring 28 to 32 inches.

How to select the best size of baseball bats for children:- 

The following are elements one should consider before choosing the best bats for kids.

Size and weight

Ideal Weight and size play an important role when it comes to choosing a kid’s bat. A parent/guardian should buy a bat that falls in the drop ratio of -10 and -13.5. While this means the difference between bat weight and length. It is recommended to buy a heavier bat, for big kids. This will help them generate sufficient power. Small kids, you are advised to buy a lighter bat so that they can swing quickly and efficiently. The best thing is to utilize a swing as heavy a weight without losing on speed.

League competition rules

It’s prudent to follow all the guidelines of the top league, before going to the sports store and getting a baseball bat for your kid. Numerous, if not all competitions, use a certain kind of bat that they recommend. With the introduction of USABat in the year 2018, a bat must comply with special guidelines so that they can be used in many leagues. This is worth it since all users will now have to pick a variety of bats that meet and adhere to the given guidelines and can be utilized in some of the top leagues.


As it’s quoted, it is prudent to buy a sturdy and durable baseball bat. Moreover, buy a tool with a warranty and a lot of the bat manufacturing firms offer a one-year warranty for every tool you buy. If after sometimes breaks or cracks, they will give a piece of new equipment. However, this replacement will be ticked as no return. This implies it can be returned any longer. Therefore, it is good if you picked a durable and sturdy bat that will last for a long time.

What material is best for children?


Wood is the popular materials utilized in professional competitions, and it has been used for a long time since the earlier days. Major and minor competitions throughout the world use exclusively wood baseball bats in competitions and battling-cage sessions. Though the various types of wood utilized, keep changing from one league to another and from time to time. For instance, the Major League baseball bats designed by Louisville Slugger were made of white ash wood, which later gave the bat a dense and thick structure. Highly played professional games have since switched to maple woods bats. These bats are lighter though they possess the norm of breaking when subjected to rigorous use. Hicory and bamboo are other popular pieces of wood that have become increasingly famous, but they are prohibited by a lot of professional competitions.


Aluminum is a widely used material for numerous baseball bats. And this ranges from small leagues to high school and university. Aluminum comes with a lot of benefits for instance: it is lighter, durable, and easier to swing when compared with other types of bats. Additionally, the bats are suitable for kids who are learning to swing. In addition, bats made from aluminum permit the ball to pop off with an incredible speed that compensates for precision and strength for kids who cannot generate their efforts with bats designed from wooden.


These bats are produced from a mixture of graphite, plastic and partly titanium. When compared with aluminum, this bat is lighter and kids get an easy time playing with it. Hence, it allows kids to compete at professional kid’s leagues. These bats are expensive and some leagues don’t allow the use of these bats. Similarly, these bats are not sturdy as aluminum, particularly, in the segment between the handle and the barrel.

How to choose baseball bats for 5 years old


These bats consolidate the properties of aluminum bats and composites while eliminating disadvantages. The bat is often made from aluminum handle and backrest, while the barrel is made of compression-molded composite materials, consisting of the graphite, plastic, and titanium mentioned above. The bat has a lot of advantages like it more durable and offers resistance to scratches, bumps, bends, and deformations, after some time. The main drawbacks are that these bats are not permitted in highly professional competitions and that they are costly, which makes aluminum a superior alternative for certain players.

How to choose baseball bats for 5 years old?

If you are a guardian and your kid is turning 5 years old. It’s recommended to buy for him/her a bat measuring between 24 to 26 inches and has a drop height of 10, 11 or 12. For more information about the length and weight, below is a guide and factors guardians should consider when picking the best baseball bat for 5 years old.


This is arguably one of the most important elements to opt for when searching for a bat. It’s always vital to keep in mind the basic length requirement when choosing a bat for the 5-year-old kid. Ensure to put the end handle section of the bat in the center of the kid’s chest, and then extend the device towards the index finger with the arm loosed end out. In the event that the device you picked is more extended to the index finger, the bat is long for the kid.


In terms of weight, your teenager is the one to examine the feel. Let the kid take many swings as possible and see if the bat is heavy. But ensure to search for the drop weight of these sports too, and the bigger the drop weight, the more suitable the bat.

How to pick the right baseball bats for 6 years old child.

What size bat for a 6 year old? This is a question many people tend to ask. Well, numerous individuals do not know that the size of the device may either impair or improve their swing game. A longer baseball bat for 6 years old which is not advisable for 6-year-old kid can make for a terrible performance. Height and weight always go together when choosing the right size of the bat. The 6-year old ought to swing in the range of 13 to 16 ounces

Kids weighing 60 pounds should use a bat that ranges between 26 to 29 inches long. And kids weighing 70 pounds and above should use a bat that is between 28 and 32 inches long. A typical examination for estimating if the length of the racket is correct is to determine the grip of the barrel and the grip towards the child’s forearm.

How to select the right baseball Bats for 7 years old child

Picking the correct baseball bats for 7 years old is essential for baseball. And the bat is a piece of crucial equipment. But purchasing the right device for a seven-year kid can seem to be overwhelming. But below are elements to consider when selecting the best bat for the 7-year-old baseball player.


Comfort is vital when picking the best bat for your kid. First, estimate the height of your kid while he/she is wearing the shoe. Your kid’s height determines the size of the home run stick he must have.


The kid’s weight is a crucial element too. A tall and thin kid can manage a heavy and long bat. The same applies to a small and strong kid because he can handle a long bat.

Bat length

There are common suggestions accessible for the lengths of a bat for all age groups. For a 7-year-old boy, the correct bat needs to be 24 to 27 inches.

Frequent Asked Questions

How would you find the right size of bat for kids?

If your kid has already played this game before, it is a popular rule to know what size bat for kids is appropriate. And if your kid has developed, it’s advisable not to choose a more than an inch at a time. Purchasing a longer bat will radically change the way a person swings the bat. For a newbie, it’s important to know how to choose bats for kids by testing for their weight and height.

What best baseball for kids are used in first league baseball?

All experienced baseball players have their inclinations, however, most maple bats use it. This is because maple bats generally last longer than debris bats. If you hit balls professionally, this is vital.


The excitement of kicking the ball with a bat, listening to the loud noise and watching the ball fly through the sky, is one of the best moments of playing the game. Let your kid begin the journey by knowing how to choose the best baseball bats for kids regardless of whether it’s his age, size, and weight. Line it up with the right attitude and prepare it so that your child can teach people the basics of baseball in the future. Well, hope the above review has helped you with how to choose bats for kids.

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