How to sharpen electric knife blades

How to Sharpen Electric Knife Blades

An electric carving knife is known as an electric knife. Made with two serrated blades, switch on while you want to work with that blade. It will work like a saw action till the power of the battery or the wired is connected. Electric Knife became more popular in the United Kingdom in 1970. Jerome L. Murray is attributed as the inventor of this knife. Clem E. Kosterman also claimed the patent of this knife & filled the form of partnership in 1939. 

Some of these versions of knives are used to perform wood cutting, sculpting, metal cutting or others. Solid or semisolid things or materials also able to be cut by this type of electronic knife. Powered by the electronic motor it will add the strength of your work. More quickly you can finish your task. It’s a useful versatile tool to use in the kitchen. Curving roast, it will help you to make it accurately with less time & effort. 

If you see an advertisement for electronic knives, you will come to learn magical info about electronic knives. They will show you that the blade will never be as a dull knife. No, it’s not like that. It will gradually be a dull knife after a long using period. That doesn’t mean it will never be a dull knife. Only the frequency of being a dull knife will take a huge long time than a regular knife. 

Benefits of using an Electric Knife

Nowadays Electronic knives have become more popular than before. It doesn’t mean that the electronic knife is new to the users or to the chef. The period of the invention of the electronic knife is 1939. From the starting electronic knife was not so much affordable for all. But with the passing of time, technology has made this knife more flexible & affordable for all. 

sharpen electric knife blades

This kitchen device has multiple benefits over regular knives. Users do not need any special training to use it. The peoples who are not well to do with using a knife for participating in the kitchen activities like food cutting or slicing can easily use this electronic knife with below-listed benefits – 

Save Time & Energy

We can easily use the regular knife to cut the foods or vegetables. You also get a good result by using the regular knife. When it is time to give extra effort for some tough food cutting or for slicing, it will waste extra effort or energy to get the best result. which is easier with an electronic blade. It will save time & energy. 

To keep the focus on other things in the kitchen we need to finish cutting activities as first as you can. When you will need more time & effort to complete the task with a knife, you will be energyless to keep continuing the other things. Ultimately the goal of completing all works or the other focus will be trackless due to less effective knives. In that case, an electronic knife will help you to get the best effective result. 

Increased power

Though the electronic knife blade works by the power of electricity, so it can power up the cutting activities than the regular blades. It can be cordless or wired. Though people like to use the wire-free electric knife to have a smooth experience. Cordless need the battery support to supply power. 

Improved safety

It’s not a new issue to face a sudden accident while working with a knife. But the electric blade will reduce the chance of having an accident. So while you are thinking about your kitchen safety purpose you can use the electronic knife. It will prevent the chance of going on the wrong way whole using that knife. 


We use knives for cutting the kitchen food items. But it is not necessary to make accurate slice pieces all the time. But for a few reasons, we need to create an accurate shape or size of food slicing while we especially give more importance to decorating our dishes. Same food with different sizes will make in decline. Specially when you need to cut the pieces of bread & meat to curve the food items, you need to manage an accurate shape. With an electric blade, you can create more accurate food slicing. 

Less exertion

Without more pressure, this blade will give you better results. So you don’t need to maintain the same effort from the starting to the end of your task. With less exertion, this blade will make your kitchen life easier. 

How to sharpen electric knife blades

Through various ways, you can sharpen your electronic blade. By using the electric sharpener or through the sharpening rod you can sharpen your knife. If you want you can also use different sharpening tools available on Amazon. Here we would like to give you the step details of sharpening your electronic knife. 

Step – 1 – Unplugging the Knife

Before starting the task of sharpening your blade, never forget to switch off the power source. That can create any uncertain accident. Some of the electronic blades may have a power control switch connected with the wire. Or it can be controlled by the power of batteries. Unplug the main switch connected through wired or remove the internal batteries. 

Step – 2 – Removing the Blade

After unplugging the power source the first step should be removing the knife blade from the grip. Make sure the blade is in perfect condition to avoid all kinds of problems. No crave condition or it is in a modest platform to remove it. Never forget to replace the blade from time to time to get better performance. 

Step – 3 – Use Coarsest Grindstone Rod to sharpen the knife

In this step, you need to use any sharpening Grindstoneor or the Rod. Both have a different method to sharpen your electric blade. While using the sharpening stone, make sure the blade is facing on the hollow side of your sharpener. Insert the blade as you need. Make the deepness of the blade on the sharpening slot good enough to apply the stone. Coarsest Grindstone is able to make your dull or slight nick sharp for lifetime uses. Slightly you can use the blade every day over the knife life. The blade with the proper contact of the grindstone & the constant pressure on the blade with the same level will give a good result. 

While you are using the sharpening through the Rod you need to maintain a 20 to 30-degree angle downward of the blade on the sharpening rod. make sure you are able to maintain the angle over the time of sharpening the knife. Need to cross the honing Rod more than two or three times for getting the best result. While you will use the horizontal sharpener, it will be easier to sharpen your blade & to maintain the angle.  

Step – 4 – Repeat on Finer Grindstones or Rod to make sure the difference

This is the time to recheck the difference between the previous condition of the blade with the present condition. While using the honing Rod, it’s difficult to apply the blade technically. To make sure that you are touching all the portions of the blade, you need to invest more time. To do this perfectly you can have a trial. To fix a bad sharpening job this is the best way rather you damage the blade. Repeat on the Finer Grindstones 2 to 3 times which may keep the sharpness for a longer time. So you need to participate in this sharpening job very often. 

Step – 5 – Clean & Reassemble Again

With a damp cloth or a sponge, clean the knife blade before you need it to resemble. Find that the blade has no loose materials like metal dust due to sharpening the blade. To avoid reattaching the blade on the grip you should be more careful at this time. To check the sharpness, never put your Thumb on the blade. It can be a stupid job. Better you can check the sharpness on any fruits or crusty bread. Now reassemble all the parts of the knife.  

Precautions while sharpening your electric knife blades

Though the methods of sharpening the electric blade are very early you should maintain some precautions. However, you should follow these steps before starting or at the time of sharpening the blade. =

  • Make sure you have unplugged the knife before starting your job
  • Never apply the blade with so much pressure on the sharpening tool. It can damage the sharpness or any accident can happen. 
  • Use a dry hand free from oil or water to avoid uncertain slip risk of the knife blade. 
  • Never touch the blade after or before sharpening the blade directly. 
  • You should not compromise with the quality like a good quality blade with a low-quality sharpening tool. That can also damage the blade sharpness. 

Final thought

However, here is all about your electric blade sharpening procedure. Though it’s a fancy knife among the group of regular knives. Sharpening knife is a part of our everyday life. Assure that you have the required tools to sharpen your knife based on the manufacturing methods. It’s a challenge to make your dull blade sharp by following the above steps. 

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