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How to Build an External Basement Entrance

In comparison with all the rooms in your house, the basement is the most versatile. You can use it for numerous purposes depending on your needs. Some popular uses for a basement include transformation into a game room, extra bedroom, kitchen, study, lounge or home cinema. With this in mind, it is essential to enhance access into the basement. You can accomplish this by constructing an external basement entrance. Doing so can help you to promote efficient entry and exit whenever needed. We have described the best way to build an external basement entrance for you below.

Egress Door for Your Basement

The best type of external entrance for your basement is an egress door because it enables the occupants to get in and out quickly. An egress door also offers a fantastic emergency exit in case of a fire because it is large and provides ample space to save oneself and any portable belongings. An egress door also provides you with direct access into the basement from the backyard. For these reasons, it is an ideal external basement entrance for you.

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Advantages of a basement egress door

Build an External Basement Entrance

Efficient Remodeling

Remodeling your basement is a great way to increase the value of your house. Many homeowners remodel their basements into cinemas, game rooms, kitchens or home offices. If you want to remodel your basement, an egress door provides a splendid entry and exit point for the contractor and their equipment.

They can transport materials such as lumber, plywood and drywall or tools such as power drills as well as manpower through the egress door. By providing this path, your main floor does not get dirtied up or damaged during the home improvement process. Even better, the egress door offers an easy way to bring in furniture after the basement remodel is complete.

Improved Safety

Safety always comes first in our homes, especially in the basement. If you transform your basement into a lounge, study or bedroom, it is essential to make sure that it provides maximum safety in case of an emergency. An egress door delivers a swift exit in case of fire or flooding. Not only can one escape through it, you can also carry along your most portable property. In this way, an egress door can be a critical safety feature for your basement.


When you have a basement egress door in your home, it becomes easier to access this part of the house. An egress door facilitates rapid entry or exit on demand. You no longer have to go through the main door to get into the basement. Family or invited guests can simply go through the egress door for convenient access into the house.

Provision of Natural Light

Majority of buried basements have little or no natural light flowing into the interior. As a result, illumination can be a costly affair because you must use incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes or LED lights to bathe the room in light even during the day.

An egress door can solve this problem by providing ample natural light. Simply invest in a door that has window panes installed. Doing so will allow natural light to flow into the basement during the day and help you to save money on electricity bills. At the same time, you will enjoy warmth and illumination.

Process of Building an External Basement Entrance

External Basement Entrance

  • Planning

Begin by drafting a plan for the placement of your external basement entrance. Bring out the blueprint of your house and pick the most ideal spot. It should provide uninterrupted access into the basement and lead to a flat, open area. Also, pick a place where the completed egress door will not interrupt any future construction on your patio or deck. Large machinery and bulky materials will be required to complete the egress door. That said, pick a spot where there are no walls, yard decorations or electrical fixtures to block their path.

  • Acquire the necessary permits

Any home improvement or construction project usually requires permits before commencing. These include noise, structural development and public safety permits. Contact your local administrative offices to fill in the necessary applications for these permits before you construct an external basement entrance.

  • Contact contractors for quotes

Once you have received the necessary permits, shortlist some contractors for the job. Begin by performing an Internet search to identify and list down some basement egress contractors. Search for contractors who operate close to the location of your home. Shortlist the ones who specialize in constructing egress doors, windows and basement waterproofing. In this way, you will eventually pick a contractor that can deliver a complete basement entrance development package. Make sure to request quotes at every step of the shortlisting process so that you can pick a contractor who fits within your budget.

  • Begin the project

Set a date with the contractor and begin the process of building an external basement entrance. You can expect them to use heavy machinery such as an excavator to dig into the side of your home. If you would like the dirt transported away, this will attract some extra charges. Alternatively, you can hire a landscaper to redistribute the dirt around your compound in a constructive way. The contractor will take cost of installing an egress door in your basement but you can offer opinions along the way and help to ensure safety around the construction site until the entire process is complete.


It is a very good idea to install an egress door in your basement because it improves the utility of the room while also providing safety at the same time. Completing this home development project is exciting and boosts your domestic satisfaction. It also increases the value of your home to guarantee a handsome profit upon resale. We’ve covered the necessary steps involved in building an external entrance into your basement. They are professional and take legal regulations into account. By following our tips, you can develop your own egress door in no time!


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