Best Wall-mounted Heater for Basement 2021

If you are a homeowner, using your basement for living purposes, you might quickly realize that the house doesn’t have a suitable climate. For such cases, warming a colder house needs the best wall-mounted heater for the basement. Below are some of the essential wall-mounted heaters that you can install in your basement to curb heat loss problem.

EconoHome wall-mount space heater panel

Invest in this energy-saving space heater to completely warm your house while saving up to 60 percent electricity bills. Your bills will be lower, yet you feel warm and cozy with the EconoHome Wall Mount Space heater panel.

EconoHome wall-mount space heater panel

Power and heating capacity

This flat heater is energy-efficient, consuming less electricity compared to conventional space heaters. Therefore, the device will keep your house stable ambient warmth with excellent savings.

There are many reasons to invest in this model because it comes with excellent specifications like 120 volts, 400 watts, and 3.33 amps. It also features 23.5 x 23.5 x ¼” dimensions, making it suitable for any 120 sq. feet room.

Heating mode

The machine operates at a stable temperature persistently due to efficient technology. Its working temperature ranges from 41-86 degrees (F). It uses less radiant heat, transmitting convection currents that will usually arise behind the heater. The electric heater will then circulate the hot air around the basement.

I would advise you to purchase a heat guard accessory that is compatible with this electric heater. I say so because any excellent combination can double convection currents efficiency and its case is safe and warm enough to touch.

Durability and safety

This model comes with elegant features for its longevity as well as keeping you safe. The heater features a heater reflector and an adjustable thermostat. More so, this model is crack resistant with an upgraded stable version. It is 3x reinforced and manufactured from a remarkable calcium silicate material.

The triple insulation ensures you are safe from electrical shocks while the overheat protection allows you to leave the heater unattended. Furthermore, people suffering from allergies and asthma can still enjoy using this machine without irritation because no air is dry. Besides, all dust will be driven outside the house.


  • Quiet blower
  • Tip-over protection
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • It is safe


  • Its heat transfer rate is relatively poor

Stiebel Eltron 074057 240 electric heater

How about investing in this digital electric space heater for your basement with excellent features? The model comes with a sleek and unique design for not only heat generation but also basement décor. Another additional benefit is that you can purchase it over an outdated heater.

Heating capacity

Many homeowners affirm that almost all CK electric heaters have an internal thermostat for convenient heat adjustment. It is easy to control CKT and CK heater using a wall thermostat in a basement bigger than 214 sq. feet. The CKT booster time in this model takes in a maximum heat of up to 60 minutes. The timer automatically goes off, and the CKT switches back to its thermostat adjustment.

Durability and safety

The frost protection setting in this electric heater controls heat production. The lowest thermostat adjustment is suitable for maintaining maximum freezing temperatures in a small-sized room. On the other hand, the materials used to manufacture this wall-mounted heater are sturdy to ensure your safety and prolong the model’s lifespan.


The Stiebel Eltron CK electric heater can be an excellent substitute for conventional electric recessed or space heaters. Besides, it can quickly heat the entire room in a matter of time. Remember, you can easily mount it anywhere in your basement to ultimately supply heat in the whole house.


This electric heater features the CK Trend OFF/ON switch, which is excellent for automatically putting off the heater when not in use. An OFF position incredibly disables the model’s frost protection adjustment.


  • Reliable performance
  • Quality construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Inbuilt thermostat


  • The machine has an unnecessary gap at the top

Electric Heater – 1500W Space Heater

Install this space heater on your basement, bathroom, office, garage, or bedroom for maximum comfort. The model itself is energy-saving, reducing your monthly electricity bills. Installing this heater is very simple as it comes with wall-mounted tools and a fixed base.

Heating capacity

The heater is associated with balanced and quick heating. It is 1500W, covering up to 160 sq. feet average-sized rooms. Remember, these models are the best when you use them as an additional heat source. More so, the inbuilt quartz tube and turbofan enables the electric heater to provide superior heat to the entire room evenly and quickly.

Besides, the infrared basement heater is suitable for enhancing natural cross-convection in your house during winter.


If you want to conserve power and reduce heating costs, then this is the right solution. Your skyrocketing electric bills will be minimized through the model’s unique features like energy-saving modes. Other features like programmable timers and adjustable thermostats enhance economic operation by reducing power consumption.

Durability and safety

Another exciting feature about the wall-mountable electric heater is its overheat protection. The mechanism ensures your family and yourself are safe from minor injuries while using the machine. More so, the materials associated with this model are sturdy and long-lasting to extend the heater’s lifespan.

Other essential features include; timer function that allows the model to power off or on when necessary automatically. Setting power-Of automatic is useful, mostly when you can easily forget to put off the heater.

The three modes are another essential feature associated with this electric heater. i.e., low, high, and energy-saving methods. Furthermore, the electric heater comes with remote control technology, making it more convenient.


  • Easy to use
  • Installation is easy
  • It is safe
  • Energy-saving
  • Balanced and quick heating


  • Suitable for small rooms

Envi High-Efficiency Whole Room 120v Plug-In Electric Panel Wall Heater

Reduce your heating bills with this energy-saving wall mounted electric heater. The machine is flexible and can help you to freely heat areas around your room at any time.

Durability and safety

The Envi High-Efficiency electric panel wall heater is long-lasting, featuring heavy-duty materials. Besides, it is safe for your entire family as it has a safety sensor that automatically cuts power when e device is disconnected from the wall. This means that your children, pets and elderly will be safe and warm 24/7.

This electric heater doesn’t produce allergens or dust around your basement, creating a healthier and cleaner environment for those suffering from allergies. Besides, even people with respiratory complications can still use the machine comfortably. More so, this electric heater does not dry out available air; hence it reduces nose bleeds.

Heating capacity

This Envielectric wall mounted heater comes with a fan-less and patented stack convection technology for maximum heat supply. Also, it creates a warm updraft, circulating the air slowly in your basement.

Installation is simple

Installing this basement heating option is straightforward as you don’t need the help of an expert or drilling. Therefore, you will save some money you could have spent on installation. Moreover, cleaning and operating the machine is simple, with no flexible parts; it is 100 percent maintenance-free.


You don’t have to worry about the power consumed by this heater as it is an energy-saver. It is only 500W and 4.2 amps, meaning that you can install multiple heaters without tripping the breaker. The model is compatible with solar power and generators.

You can use the electrical heater in offices, bathrooms, bedrooms, hotels, apartment complexes, and nursing homes. Finally, it comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Easy to install
  • Uses less energy
  • Operates silently
  • Ultra-safe
  • Space-saving


  • Not the best in the market

Wall Mounted Electric Heater,120V500W Convector Heater

The last option for warming your basement is the Wall Mounted Electric Heater that doesn’t require a fan. Besides, the model ensures your entire house is warm without any dust or noise. This feature, therefore, makes it ideal for asthmatic and allergic users.

Heating capacity and heating mode

You don’t have to feel any cold or discomfort while the machine is working. You will have a great sleep during the winter without any smell. The heater can comfortably supply heat in a 150 sq. feet room. Being a 500 watts wall mounted electric heater, your electricity bills will be minimized.


It is possible to paint the external casing of this electric heater. I recommend using water-based, no VOC, or a no-odour paint to fit your room’s colour. You will also find it easy to use the gadget with the available switch button. The button allows you to switch off the heater without disconnecting the power source quickly.

Durable and safety

The casing of the electric heater is sturdy to ensure you use it for some years. The device operates at a minimal temperature persistently. You don’t have to worry about your safety or your children because the machine produces healthier air.

The Wall Mounted Electric Heater can also reduce your heating costs.


  • Worthy buying
  • Cost-efficient
  • Safe for allergic and asthmatic users
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Not suitable for larger rooms

How to choose the Best wall-mounted heater for basement

Consider the following factors to choose the best wall-mounted heater for your basement.

Wattage, many electric-powered models use 1500W. Heaters with such wattage are great for your 150 sq. ft room. More so, the units are energy-saving as they don’t pose threats to your electricity bills.

Usage area

This factor is more significant as it helps you understand the recommended usage place for a particular heater. Pick a suitable and sizeable unit based on your room. Too big heaters might be expensive and unsuitable for your basement, while too small ones can be inconvenient.

Safety features; it is also advisable that you be careful about safety features in a particular heater before making a final decision. If you have kids around, then this factor should be the first one. A unit with features like warm-to-touch design, automatic shutoff, and tip-over protection should be considered.

Permanent vs portable; this factor depends on how often you will be using the heater. If it is for heating an occupied space, then you should go for portable ones. For space-saving, I would recommend you go for permanent models.


Are wall-mounted with an inbuilt thermostat the best?

Of course, yes, these wall heaters consume less energy sparing from huge electricity expenditure.

What are inset wall heaters?

They are types of wall heaters that easily fit the already partitioned framework gaps. Installing such a device is straightforward.

What is the best wall-mountable heater for the basement?

Stiebel Eltron Wall-mounted electric fan heater remains the best model on the market.


Best wall mounted electric heaters can offer a stylish and modern way to warm your basement. The above products are excellent and come with different price tags, fitting everyone’s budget. Investing in such devices will ensure you and your family are comfortable throughout the winter.

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