Best Exterior Basement Waterproofing Products

Honestly, basements are commonly found in winter areas than in summer regions. However, a good number of people may wish to have a basement in their home. Yes, building a basement in your home can be an excellent alternative for expanding your living place. Besides, such innovation can make you feel unique from others.

However, setting up a basement isn’t an easy task as it involves making many preparations before the final process. More so, maintaining a basement is tricky; you also need to be ready to keep welcoming any time. Therefore, you need to keen on mold and moisture buildups. Below are some of the best products that you can apply to your basement’s exterior part to keep it free from moisture or mold buildup.

Basement Waterproofing Products

Before you choose, you need to ensure the waterproofing product is high-quality and reliable.

Liquid rubber for foundation sealant

The L & R is a prominent company producing high-quality, dependable sealants. This is the best waterproofing product that you can treat your finished basement. The liquid keeps off your basement from any damage that can arise due to water.

The sealant is compatible with significant building materials like wood and concrete. It can be used for renovating walls, basement, etc.; the membrane made by the liquid rubber is incredible as it can ensure there are no tarring or cracks. You don’t have to worry about applying the substance to your wall because it is free from all solvents and is water-based. Therefore, it is safe for both pets and your kids.

Reinforcement sheet

This sheet can be excellent protection because it retards any damage that might arise from the soil alkalis and acids. The waterproofing product is usually combined with both cold and hot necessary waterproofing membranes. For that case, the mat can provide excellent control and strength of thickness.

This reinforcement sheet develops a more robust and great porous bond/attachment between the membrane’s layers when installed.

Hydro guard pro series

This hydro guard series is a liquid, emulsified-asphalt membrane, an elastomeric meant for waterproofing building structures like concrete, floors, and walls. I recommend its features and excellent adhesion, suitable for many construction surfaces like stone, concrete, preserved wood, wood, polystyrene insulation, and metal. Furthermore, you can still apply this waterproofing product to green or damp concrete.

Aqua bloc 720-38

Aqua bloc 720-38

RCC prefers to use this waterproofing product for block and poured foundation walls, ICFs (insulated concrete forms), split slab floors, footings, and retain residential construction walls. I recommend this product as the best waterproofing product because it is flexible in a wide range of temperatures, useful in cold winters and hot summers.

Ames water-based block & wall super elastomeric liquid rubber

This is the second waterproofing paint on our list that can do wonders to basement walls and below-grade foundations. The super-elastomeric color from Ames features a remarkable combination of adhesive, long-lasting liquid rubber responsible for a rigid elastic membrane. When applied, it offers not less than 700% elasticity.

Its elements make it suitable even in critical situations, and you can immediately use it after buying. The pain is compatible with various construction materials like ICF, wood, metal, and concrete. Remember, it is odourless and non-toxic and incredibly flows into crevices, finishes, and cracks as a long-lasting rubber.

RubberSeal liquid rubber, protective and waterproofing coating for extra strength

I will let you know why many contractors fell in love with this waterproofing paint. Firstly, the product is moisture-repellant, UV, and temperature exposure. It is also impermeable to pond water. Besides, it ensures the surface is elastic and flexible.

This waterproofing product is the best for protecting your floors and basement walls, roofs, utters foundations, ponds, etc.;installing this pain is pretty easy and can be a perfect solution to generate heat and reduce ambient air temperatures.

Ames Blue Max Liquid Rubber

Let’s have a look at another waterproofing product from the Ames brand with outstanding capabilities to keep your basement from moisture buildups. The product is more advantageous than the above ones because you can use it for both exterior and interior basement walls, cisterns, and below-grade foundations. The waterproofing product features impenetrable adhesive, making it suitable for critical wet situations.

This paint can incredibly work on concrete, masonry, and wood because it features 800% elongation. This product’s application is straightforward as you can use a roller, sprayer, or brush, and it perfectly works on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

DMX DRAIN 5M –Soil Side Drainage Membrane

This waterproofing product features a high-density polyethylene membrane compressed to form a geotextile fabric. The membrane installation is done on the wall foundation with the elongated dimples placed some inches from the basement wall.

I recommend this waterproofing product due to its chemical interaction resistance, and it also diffuses any close hydrostatic pressure. Such capabilities allow it to promote excellent drainage to various outlets.

Window well covers

A window well is another basement waterproofing product that you can offer your house to ensure it is free from all sorts of moisture or mold buildups. The product is also incredible at keeping those wells dry and safe. It is advisable to install a lightweight window well covers with a sliding hinge and swivel that enhance easy opening during an emergency.

More so, window well covers are essential in locking out all unwanted critters and rodents. For this case, I can advise you to use conquest steel window well covers because they are strong enough to withstand harsh winters.

The triple guard sump pump

I know the above waterproofing product might be not suitable for you. Yes, it happens, and that’s why here is another dependable and protective basement waterproofing substance. The package usually features two sump pumps, and if the first one fails to keep off water flow, the second pipe will run simultaneously to contain the mess.

Occasionally, the power may fail, and that’s when the need for a back-up battery-powered third sump pump arises. This pump will automatically take over the situation.

Freeze Relief

This waterproofing product incredibly works hand in hand with the sump pump system for allowing water to flow out from the discharge system line. This happens with the sump pump experiences blockage or becomes frozen. This product plays a pivotal role during the winter periods.

In cold winter, lines tend to block or frozen with ice or snow, hampering smooth water flow from the sump pump system, making it flow back to your basement. Therefore, a freeze relief is necessary when setting up a sump pump system to make sure water flows smoothly in the route.

Crawl space vapor barrier

Here is another durable and long-lasting waterproofing solution to your basement, a high-class grade liner. More so, the product can act as a vapor barrier with poly-cord reinforcement plus an anti-microbial additive material. For that reason, this product will incredibly encapsulate your crawl space, offering a protective boundary between your damp earth and home.

You should know that the crawl space produces above50% air in your basement. This happens when the crawl space has an excellent purification system. Therefore, installing a WhiteCap Vapor Barrier can keep off water, mold, insect, and rodents from affecting your crawl space.

You will have the safest storage space ever.

KILZ Basement and Masonry Waterproofer

This paint is famous for creating a boundary for your masonry and basement to keep water away. The product is equipped with nanotechnology, enabling it to develop a barrier responsible for stopping infiltration. Besides, the paint is low-odor.

Furthermore, the product comes with comprehensive installation instructions to aid you in using it. Remember, this exterior basement waterproofing product is suitable for both below and above-grade surfaces. You also don’t have to worry about using this product with a roller or a brush; ensure you don’t apply it on water leaks.

Drylock 275 Masonry Waterproofer

The final product is another exterior basement waterproofing paint, suitable for any new construction or existing masonry. It is an excellent product that can prevent water from penetrating your basement to discourage surface damages. More so, it can protect the wall surface from radon gas.

Furthermore, the product is ready to use and is low-odor. It can incredibly work on the foundation and basement walls.

Frequently asked questions

Are there other waterproofing products on the market?

Yes, there are many waterproofing products on the market that you can opt for basement on your basement’s needs. For instance, there are those for external while others for internal use. Some of them are dual purpose; you can use them for interior and exterior purposes.

What is the purpose of Polyethylene membrane in some waterproofing paints?

The membrane is useful for creating a protective barrier in air purification setups.


The above report provides you with the best exterior waterproofing products to protect and preserve your investments. You need to be careful when choosing the best treatment for your basement; you should be conversant with waterproofing products. Making smart choices is the first step to prevent your basement from potential damages due to water and moisture.

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