Best Baseball Bat For 9 Year Old

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat For 9 Years Old

There are many companies that are well known for producing the best bat for 9-year-old. For every single bat, it comes different in terms of quality and durability that entirely depends on the materials it’s made with. In case you need a baseball bat for 9 year old for the first time, you’ll be confused as there are numerous options in the market.

However, also don’t forget that if you buy the wrong baseball bat for 8-9-year-old, the kid will lose the game’s interest!

What Size Baseball Bat For 9 to 10 Years Old

If you need a baseball bat for 9 years old, it is recommended that you look for one ranging between 29-30 inches in size. It should also have a drop of -10,-11-12.

For parents and coaches, they have to consider the best bat for their kids to improve their skills.

The length is an essential factor while choosing the bat. If you have to determine the bat’s length for a nine-year-old kid, you should place the end handle part at the middle of the child’s chest.

However, you should extend that bat towards the kid’s index finger as they have stretched their arms out. If you find that the bat you have has gone more than the kid’s index finger, it, therefore, means that the bat has become longer for the kid.

10 Best Baseball Bat For 9 Year Old

RawlingsRawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat (-12)Check Latest Price on Amazon
EASTONEASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 5/8″)Check Latest Price on Amazon
EASTONEaston MAKO TORQ Youth Baseball BatCheck Latest Price on Amazon
LouisvilleLouisville Slugger Omaha 518(-10) 2018 USA 2 5/8 Barrel BatCheck Latest Price on Amazon
RawlingsRawlings 2019 Raptor Big Barrel USA Youth Baseball Bat (-8)Check Latest Price on Amazon
AxeAxe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat (-8) Baseball BatCheck Latest Price on Amazon
EASTONEASTON Ghost X Hyperlite -11 (2 5/8″) USA Youth Baseball Bat | 2019Check Latest Price on Amazon
EASTONEASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 3/4″) USSSA Junior Big Barrel Youth Baseball BatCheck Latest Price on Amazon
EASTONEASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 3/4″) USSSA Senior League Baseball Bat | 2019Check Latest Price on Amazon
EASTONEaston Ghost X Evolution -10 (2 5/8″) USA Youth Baseball Bat | 2019Check Latest Price on Amazon


  1. Rawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat (-12)

This product from Rawlings comes with a composite material that helps in increasing overall pop and trampoline. However, it’s ultra-lightweight that design for hitters aiming to catch up with the fast speed at the pitch.

Product Details

The baseball bat is constructed with a large sweet spot that helps with more power and distance. The bat is also created such that it can support a wide range of ages with a carbon fiber barrel and composite design. It gives maximum distance and premium pop. In addition, the ultra-lightweight with this baseball for 9 years old creates faster speed and can help the young to swing easily through the zone.

Rawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat (-12)


  • Comes with -12 length: weight ratio
  • Balanced swing weight
  • 12-month manufacturers warranty
  • Carbon fiber barrel
  • USA baseball certified
  • Innovative End Cap
  • Lightweight design

Grip And Comfortless

Rawlings baseball bat barrel is a one-piece that is constructed with carbon fiber. It comes with a composite design. However, the barrel produces premium pop and also essential for maximum distance. So, this baseball bat’s barrel will make contact and hitting to be much easier for the kid. It also comes with 25/8 inches long barrel for more power and a large sweet spot. The handle has a standard tacky grip that will help the hands not to slide off thus enhancing comfort and control.


  • Well constructed product
  • Lightweight for kids use
  • Durable material for construction
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty
  • Carbon fiber barrel to provide premium pop and ball flight
  • Great product with USA baseball certificate


  • Misses the sweet spot that can bring some discomfort
  • The typical weigh more compared to the actual printed weight of some bats

Why We Recommend It

If you check at Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, it’s a reliable and trusted company. It has developed this baseball bat for kids with high performing equipment. The baseball bat has protective apparel for amateur and professionals.

  1. EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 5/8″)

Easton Beast Speed -10, it’s an improved baseball bat for 9-year-old from a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer. With this bat, it gives the young athlete a better and improved game.

Product Details

The baseball bat comes with a better speed end cap. It, therefore, helps in improving the flexibility after impacting the ball and also improvement of the barrel’s response. Besides, the baseball bat also makes a lovely pop after each swing. The baseball bat is also well balanced such that it gives a perfect and proper swing. The bat also features a customized lizard skin bat grip which helps to provide the best feel, tack, and cushion. It has also been approved for play in leagues and associations.

EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 58)


  • New speed cap for a flexible and responsive barrel
  • ATAC Alloy construction for lightweight and a strong aluminum barrel
  • Custom lizard skin DSP
  • 1-piece speed and balanced design

Grip and Comfortless

For this baseball bat, the barrel’s diameter is 2 ⅝ with one-piece alloy construction that enhances lightweight for a baseball bat for 9 year old. Attached to its handle, it’s a lizard skin grip that enhances comfort ness while handling or swinging. With the advanced thermal alloy construction, this baseball bat has a light barrel that is stronger and durable. The drop weight is right to offer more swing weight that adds some mass after every hit.


  • Has a durable metal construction
  • Comes with a comfortable grip
  • Its new speed cap helps to increase the response and flexibility of the barrel
  • Positive reviews at Amazon 4.2 /5 star


  • The cost of this baseball bat tends to fluctuate
  • Vibration impacts don’t change from normal

Why We Recommend It

The best thing when purchasing items, always to choose products from a trusted and reliable manufacture. So, the baseball bat is not only the case. However, Easton Beast has earned its name on its own. With addition of a new speed cap, it has been able to transform the model to give the kid the needed boost.

  1. Easton MAKO TORQ Youth Baseball Bat

Easton has been coming stronger every day with more quality and durable baseball bat for 9 year old. It has been a way they have thrilled their opponents and audience with baseball skills with this Easton Mako Torq bat for youth.

Product Details

The baseball bat for 9 year old comes with a 360 handle that helps the young hitters to stay inside the ball. It also gets them shorter and longer to the zone. That will result in a more squared-up power. Besides, this baseball bat also rotates freely and helps to prevent jam-job but provides a direct hand path towards the ball. As the barrel rotates, it frees the hand. It, therefore, helps the young player to stay on the plane through the contact and create more backspin as they continue to increase the power that is from gap to gap.

Easton MAKO TORQ Youth Baseball Bat


  • Comes with rotating handle
  • It’s -10 ratios between the length to weight
  • 2- piece composite barrel
  • Massive sweet spot

Grip and Comfortless

The barrel has a. 2-piece composite design that provides unmatched baseball bat speed and a massive sweet spot. Additionally, this barrel comes with torq handle technology to allow players to put themselves on power after every swing. It’s a 360 torq rotating handle that enhances comfortability.


  • Positive reviews at Amazon 4.2 / 5 star
  • Comes with great price over others
  • Rotating ability
  • Well structured
  • Comfortable feeling


  • Doesn’t pop

Why We Recommend It

The Easton Mako Torq is one bat with many features. It’s, therefore, a quality bat that has been approved to be used in leagues and associations. However, this offers a guaranteed performance by improving the equipment and bring a lasting smile to the kid.

  1. Louisville Slugger Omaha 518(-10) 2018 USA 2 5/8 Barrel Bat

If you’re looking at quality and popularity, this type of baseball bat, Louisville Slugger knows how it will maintain its consistency in the market for many years. Getting Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 should be a perfect example to look at perfection for a baseball bat for 9 years old.

Product Details

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 has been known to improve the performance of the youth while in and out of that pitch. It comes with a ratio of -10 length to weight and 2 ⅝ inches barrel diameter. Besides, this baseball bat comes attached to a stamp of USA baseball after certification of this model. Additionally, Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 baseball bat has been approved to be used in Babe Ruth, AABC, Dixie Youth, Cal Ripken, Pony baseball and little league.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518


  • Meets the new standards of USA Baseball Youth
  • Durable end cap design
  • 1-piece of 7-series allow construction
  • Synthetic leather fade grip

Grip and Comfortless

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 bat comes with a barrel that is 2 5/ 8 inches and also a drop -10 weight. With the size of this barrel, it ensures an increase of sweet spot which ensures you will hit the ball without missing. The drop weight is responsible for the lighter feeling that other bats that are in the market. It also has a comfortable holding grip.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a 12-month manufacturing warranty
  • Certified for play by relevant authorities in the US
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Well structured barrel
  • Positive reviews at Amazon 4.5/ 5 star


  • It may feel heavy

Why We Recommend It

The baseball bat comes with various features that are essential to consider. Besides, it’s highly recommended for its masterful construction with an alloy that gives it a stiff feel. The bat also comes with an extended cap that can be used to extend the barrel’s length.

  1. Rawlings 2019 Raptor Big Barrel USA Youth Baseball Bat (-8)

Rawlings has been aiming to be at the top every season in the market by producing new and advanced products. It’s the same as the other models from this manufacturing company. Rawlings 2019 Raptor baseball bat comes with a classic design to give the kid the best all-round performances.

Product Details

The baseball bat for 9 year old comes with a durable material that is strong enough to offer the player a long-lasting consistency where there is no fear of getting dents, cracks, or wear and tear. Even if the player has issues, this baseball bat is classically designed to help him improve the game. Additionally, this Raptor bat series features a combination of speed and power because of the ultralight design and alloy construction.

Rawlings 2019 Raptor Big Barrel USA Youth Baseball Bat (-8)


  • Metal baseball delivering exceptional responsiveness and pop
  • Constructed with durable aerospace grade alloy that offers a balanced feel
  • Big barrel design having a diameter of 2⅝ inches enhancing contact rates
  • Certification from the new 2018 standards

Grip and Comfortless

Rawling Raptor series baseball bat comes with a single-piece construction of the barrel. The material used in creating the barrel is an aerospace-grade alloy that offers responsiveness, durability, and higher performance for the bat. This bat also comes with a comfortable handle to help it swing.


  • Bold base color with an eye-catching design
  • Ensured speed
  • Lighter end cap for better and quicker swing as it feels light
  • The powerful and large sweet spot
  • High technology used


  • Not much comfortable as the player will feel an impact with the handle after each and every hit
  • Negative review at Amazon 3.9 /5 star
  • The baseball bat bends easily

Why We Recommend It

This Rawling Raptor baseball bat is highly advisable to all the kids and especially the 9 year old. The bat comes with a better price that is direct to the quality and features. This bat will help in improving the game of the kid.

  1. Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat (-8) Baseball Bat

This Axe Bat 2018 is an exceptional baseball bat for the youths existing today. The good thing about this baseball bat is that it features numerous new innovations that help to improve overall performance and quality.

Product and Details

Axe Bat 2018 baseball bat for 9-year-old comes with LP1 alloy construction that enhances durability. It’s stiff and responsive construction offering honest feedback. Its swing weight helps in balancing for power as it features 2 ⅝ inches barrel. The Axe comes with a comfortable handle that enables the best swing and maximizing the speed of the bat. It also helps to improve control for hard and consistent contact. In addition, the hyper whip end cap helps to remove unnecessary weight for the bigger barrel, large sweet spot, and faster swing.

Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat (-8) Baseball Bat


  • Ergonomic design for better comfort, control, safety, and bat speed
  • 1-piece alloy construction for durability and strength
  • Axe Bat technology
  • Angled hyper hip end cap
  • Endogrid technology to reduce negative vibrations
  • USSSA approved

Grip and Comfortless

The baseball bat’s best perk is that it offers comfort. Similar to other youth bats, this Axe Bat 2018 comes with lightweight construction. It also offers swing speed that is fast and well balanced. Due to its ultra responsiveness, this baseball bat becomes a greater choice for players having difficulties to hit the balls.

It comes with ample construction that can accommodate the young and amateur players’ needs. Additionally, this baseball bat’s grip is pretty decent. It doesn’t slip to the hands even when sweaty.


  • Ability to control vibrations
  • Durable materials
  • Positive reviews at Amazon 4.7 /5
  • Suitable for a fraction of the cost
  • Brilliant design

Why We Recommend It

If you use the Axe Origin baseball bat, it’s both exciting and pleasurable. This baseball model offers astounding performance and quality. So, it becomes an excellent choice to purchase for starting and developing players who want to improve their skills as the bat is lighter, tougher and accurate.

  1. EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite -11 (2 5/8″) USA Youth Baseball Bat | 2019

Here is among the best baseball bat for kids you shall come across, the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite model. From Easton company, it offers bats with their own technology that needles other baseball bat manufacturers. With this bat, it’s what the community will need.

Product Details

The bat is well constructed with the best Easton technology as it uses advanced materials for explosive power. The bat comes with a composite design. Additionally, the one-piece construction provides the bat with optimized performance and a better feel. A new speed cap design, it’s essential because it helps the bar create a responsive and flexible barrel that enhances the sound of the baseball bat. It comes with a speed balanced design that delivers lighter swing weight with more speed.

EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite -11


  • Uses advanced carbon technology engineering
  • Better feelings in hands
  • Optimized barrel performance
  • New speed cap
  • 1-piece Hyperlite design
  • Customized lizard skin DSP

Grip and Comfortless

The baseball bat comes pre-wrapped using a patented hyper skin grip. It’s an innovation that helps to improve the comfortable feel that one gets after holding and swinging the bat. The technology ensures the slip-free performance of this bat that is essential during clutch and deciding moments. The bat generously comes with a 2 ⅝ inches barrel’s diameter. That measurement elevates playability. It also has a longer barrel which is more than other contemporary baseball bats. As it has an optimized design, the baseball bat provided sweet spots where one can extract much power.


  • A baseball bat is rugged, lightweight and durable
  • Offers lightweight and solid at the same time
  • Less vibration because of the innovation
  • Positive reviews at Amazon 4.6 /5 star


  • Velocity restriction is overboard

Why We Recommend It

Overall, the company that manufactures this type of bat is exceptionally reliable and trustworthy. The baseball comes with cutting edge design and construction for controlled and smooth performances. So, the bat is rugged and therefore survives in all atmospheric conditions.

  1. EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 3/4″) USSSA Junior Big Barrel Youth Baseball Bat

Easton has been an industry leader for making your baseball bats, but this junior big barrel youth bat model takes the cake. The baseball bat for 9 year old comes with an impressive look and performance.

Product Details

The baseball bat brings the experience of powerful, loud and brute strength to the young athletes with -10. It is well designed and constructed with one-piece allows providing a light but yet powerful barrels.  It comes with a new speed cap that helps in creating a responsive and more flexible barrel as it enhances the sound of this bat. With -10 speed design, it’s essential to this baseball bat because it provides the user with the lightweight swing for more speed while behind the ball contact. The model comes with 2 ¾ inches barrel’s diameter and features a customized lizard skin DSP grip.

EASTON Beast Speed -10


  • Cushioned with a 2.2 mm FLEX grip that provides comfort when holding
  • Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction offering lighter and stronger aluminum barrel
  • Comes with 2 ¾ inches barrel diameter

Grip and Comfortless

With advanced thermal alloy construction, the baseball bat is light and more powerful. It comes with a new speed cap that enhances flexibility and also a responsive barrel without forgetting the sound of the barrel also. It also features a customized lizard skin grip which helps to provide the user with the best feel, tack, and cushion. With it’s made, it has been approved for use in tournaments by the USSSA after it followed the 1.15BPF standards.


  • Positive Amazon reviews 5 / 5 star
  • Comfortable to use
  • Well designed
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Stronger barrel for durability

Why We Recommend It

The reason as to why this baseball bat should be recommended is because it offers brute strength, powerful and found experience to the young kid. Besides, its barrel is more responsive and flexible because of the present new speed cap.

  1. EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 3/4″) USSSA Senior League Baseball Bat | 2019

This Easton Beast baseball bat is essential to consider as it belongs to the senior league category. Just like other Easton Beast bats, they have the same speed only that the difference is the drop weight.

Product Details

The baseball bat for 9 year old comes with a -10 as drop weight. It’s usually the ratio between its length and weight. However, this bat is, therefore, more balanced compared to the -11. Besides the other specifications are the same such as customized lizard skin grip which provides a better comfy feeling. Additionally, the new speed cap enhances a more responsive and flexible barrel for use. The material used in making the barrel is the advanced thermal alloy which is essential for a light and stronger aluminum barrel.

EASTON Beast Speed -10 USSSA Senior League Baseball Bat


  • New speed cap for responsive barrel and flexibility
  • Well the enhanced sound of the baseball bat
  • Customized lizard skins DSP for ultimate feel, tack, and cushion
  • Advanced thermal alloy construction for stronger and lighter barrel
  • 1-piece balanced speed design

Grip and Comfortless

On it’s handled, there is the customized lizard skin grip. That is the reason why the player feels more comfortable using this baseball bat.  Besides, it comes with a thick barrel with a diameter of 2 ¼ inches. However, it’s more responsive and flexible because of the speed cap presence. This baseball bar is a 1-piece speed design that is essential for lightweight swing, more speed after contacting the ball. With its barrel made of advanced thermal alloy construction, it, therefore, the strongest and lightest.


  • The material used in construction is excellent for durability
  • Made with lizard grip that offers comfortability
  • The barrel is flexible and effective in responsive with the new speed cap


  • If the baseball bat will hit the bat wrongly, it makes the player feel the real sting in the hands

Why We Recommend It

If you choose this great product from the Easton Beast series, it will give you the light and comfort feel that your kid needs for easy swinging. Besides, the baseball bat also guarantees your durability and has been approved for use at the league.

  1. Easton Ghost X Evolution -10 (2 5/8″) USA Youth Baseball Bat | 2019

From the get-go, Easton Ghost X gives you a feeling that it’s here to satisfy the user. It comes as lightweight and solid-state. Even though sometimes baseball bats will exhibit these factors but for Easton Ghost X has proven to be an exception from what you want.

Product Details

The baseball bat comes with a carbon composite design as it is constructed from advanced materials. It has a speed balanced swing with the weight. Between the handle and its barrel, there is a better and lighter feeling material that connects the two and also comes with a new speed cap. This baseball has a design that is essential as it creates responsiveness and flexibility of the barrel and also enhancing the sound. Additionally, the technology used offers outstanding feel and performance.

Easton Ghost X Evolution


  • FLEX Barrel Technology used for dynamic feel system
  • Approved and has USA Baseball stamp
  • -10 length: weight ratio
  • The diameter of 2 ⅝ inches
  • Speed balanced swing weight
  • Customized lizard skins grip
  • Speed end cap
  • 2-piece bat construction with carbon composite design

Grip and Comfortless

The baseball bat is constructed with a 2-piece composite design. It comes balancing swing weight which allows better control the moment it meets with a pitch at the strike zone. The end cap will create a barrel that is better responsive and flexible where it will also enhance ping sound when there is an impact with the ball. As the manufacturer finalizes its touch, the baseball bat is customized with a lizard skin grip that adjusts the amount of tack correctly, comfortability and improvement on performance.


  • Esteemed customer services
  • Certified for use during tournaments
  • High-quality material that increases durability
  • Positive Amazon reviews 4.2 / 5 star


  • Tends to be expensive
  • Meant for stronger and bigger baseball players

Why We Recommend It

Overall, this is among the best baseball bats that are suitable in the market. The make is from high quality material that won’t bend, crack or tear easily. However, it’s also easy to use the baseball bat as the handle is customized using the lizard skin grip.

How To Choose A Perfect Bats For 9 Years Old Kids

Getting the best baseball bat for 9 years old is tricky. For example, choosing a heavy bat, the kid will end up hitting foul balls and for a light one, then he might not go for home runs. That leaves with a question, how to you get a good bat for 9 year old? Below, there are some factors you should consider while selecting bats for 9 year old baseball:

  • Size & Weight

Choosing a desired size or weight is essential as it plays an essential role while selecting a bat for 9 year old. For the drop ratio for a youth baseball, it’s usually between -10 up to -13.5, which means between the length and weight. In case your kid is big, then purchasing a bigger bat for 9 years old will be wise to that it can generate the power needed. For a small kid, a higher bat will be most preferred for fast swinging. The bat size for 9 year old will, therefore, depend on the size of the kid.

  • League Association Rules

If your child is to participate in a specific league, skim through the rules and regulations governing the league before heading to buy a baseball bat. For most if not all the leagues, they have a specific bat that they have recommended for use. So, choose one meeting the required regulations.

  • Barrel Constructions

If you’re buying a baseball bat, it’s essential when you check the material that makes the barrel. The most popular choice that most users prefer is the composite bat. These types of bats have been made with fiber sleeves and therefore creating trampoline effects as the ball contacts the bat. But aluminum bats guarantees you durability, unlike composite bats.

  • Durability

The most products that manufacturers produce comes with a warranty and therefore, for baseball is also the same. For most manufacturers will offer a 12-month warranty after you buy and others offer more periods. The longer the better. If it will crack or break, then you will be given a replacement but that replacement comes marked No Return (NR). The best choice is picking a more durable bat.

  • Break-in Time

Breaking in for bats is essential because it loosens it’s carbon fibers – materials making it. So, it will allow a smooth time for a player. The best choice is buying a bat earlier and then you practice with real baseball. However, avoid rubber because it damages it.

If you want to know more about it read the article:-

How to Choose the Baseball Bats For Your Kids

Baseball Batting Tips for 9 Years Olds player

The best thing about choosing the best baseball bat for 9 years old is that it gives the kids an excellent experience. However, this game is also unique and comes with unique rules and regulations. If you give the kid the right skills and motivations, it helps them harness and sharpens those skills. However, you also have to give them the right equipment for the tight league.

Here are tips to give a 9 year old kid:

  • Balance

As the kid tries to make a swing, it is essential to ensure balance. However, each player has a different posture and stance. But for such a case, the kid should ensure their feet are apart by the shoulder distance and one behind the other.

  • Power

Although it looks awkward, for you to have more power for the shot, then the legs are essential. So, teach the young kid on how he can use their legs better. They should curl their toes as it helps them in transferring energy into their swing.

  • Bunting

let them try to practice bunting frequently. This also helps them practice eye contact.

  • Head Placement

Teach the kid to understand that, they have to keep their head down while trying to make contact.

Baseball Bat: FAQ

What is the history of baseball?

Baseball is a game that is said to have been invested in 1839 by Abner Doubleday. However, it’s a complicated truth. According to historians, they claim baseball to have originated from cricket.

What will happen after a batter will swing and will be hit by a pitch?

The moment the batter will swing, if it fouls or misses tips a pitch, then it will become a strike. In case the pitch hits him, he won’t be awarded the first.

Should a batter hit the ball that will bounce before reaching the plate?

Yes because it’s a live ball.

The Final Thoughts

The baseball game is a very unique game that most people prefer to play or coach their kids. As a game for the kids, this baseball offers them numerous gifts. If the kid will live this game, he can easily learn to harness and sharpen their skills by having the right equipment and getting the correct motivation to play for the right leagues. For the league, it helps in creating the avenue that helps the kid grow with other peers using the best baseball equipment. Give him the chance to be the king in his peer group!

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